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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for launching a bilateral program for scientific cooperation, named IMHOTEP, with the aim of facilitating, strengthening and developing scientific cooperation between the Egyptian and French researchers working at universities, research centers or institutes in both countries. The program covers bilateral research projects and scientific symposia involving researchers of the two countries in every scientific field.

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) will be in charge of the administrative part of the program from the Egyptian side, while Campus France will be in charge of the administrative part from the French side. An Egypt-France Joint Board is established to review, assess and make specific recommendations concerning scientific and technological cooperative activities.

The Egyptian-French scientific program is based on a call for proposals jointly defined and simultaneously presented to Egyptian and French administrators. Egyptian researchers should submit their proposals to ASRT, while French researchers should electronically submit their proposals to Campus France. ASRT and Campus France will be responsible for sending the proposals for evaluation and consequently develop a priority list of approved proposals. This list will be submitted to the Joint Board for final selection.

The maximum duration of a research project will not exceed two years.
Annual progress report must be submitted jointly by the Egyptian and French researchers before the 30th of August; based upon the evaluation of this report, the joint board will determine the continuation of funding the project. Also a financial report must be submitted by the Egyptian researchers. At the end of the project, a final joint report must be submitted by the Egyptian and French researchers to their respective administration unit.

The research project is partially funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (a maximum of L.E. 200,000 per project for 2 years) where the grant offered by the Academy to the Egyptian side covers the expenses of travel for the Egyptian participants and the accommodations (including transportation in Egypt) for the French participants during their visits to Egypt. Meanwhile, the expenses of executing the research are provided by the cooperating Egyptian Institute (or any other sponsor that must be specified).

On the other hand, Campus France would cover the expenses of the travel (airfare) for the French partners as well as the accommodation expenses for the Egyptian partners during their visits to France. Duration of visits must not exceed 45 days.

Who can apply
Egyptian and French researchers working at governmental or private universities, research centers or institutes in both countries are eligible to jointly apply ( junior researchers in particularly those who have acquired their Ph.D. within the last five years or may be enrolled in the Ph.D. program.) Researchers who have already implemented a project within Imhotep program are not entitled to submit a new proposal before passing two years after the end of the first project.

Application Procedures
Egyptian applicants must present their proposal in English. The proposal content should be jointly developed by the interested cooperating researchers of both countries, Hence each proposal must have partner cooperators and institutions from Egypt and France. Ideally, the Egyptian and French participants will already be familiar with each other or enjoy a working relationship. It is the task of these partners to develop the joint proposal. This collaboration should be evident in the proposal. The project proposal should first be approved and accepted for execution by the home institutions of both Egyptian and French cooperators.

Applications consisting of an appropriately detailed technical proposal will be evaluated on the basis of technical merit and a preliminary budget. The proposal must describe the nature and degree of cooperation between both partners and clearly define the role of each. The proposal must clearly demonstrate the significance and mutual benefit of the proposed activity to Egypt and France. Technical merit and technical competence of cooperators must be clearly demonstrated, as well as the feasibility of the project to be achieved (given proposed techniques, requested budget, proposed time frame, etc.). The proposers must ensure that appropriate infrastructure already exists within the proposing institutions to conduct the proposed project.The maximum duration of a research project is two years.

Proposals should be submitted before the deadline 
(30 April 2018), and any proposals submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.
As administrative parties, ASRT and Campus France will be responsible for proposals from the respective cooperators. The proposals must conform to the forms otherwise the proposals will be screened out. The original submitted proposal must be submitted electronically at website by the Egyptian researchers, while French researchers must electronically submit their proposal format at Campus France website

For Egyptian Researchers

101 Kasr El Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt
Academy of Science Research & Technology
Scientific Agreements Dept.,

(4th Floor)

Egyptian Administrator
Mrs. Mona Zakaria Ahmad
General Director of the Scientific Relations Sector, ASRT
101 Kasr El Einy St., Cairo
Tel. : 0202  27944351
Fax : 0202  27921270
E-mail :

For French Researchers

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Campus France

French Administrator
M. Louis Moreau
Attaché for Science and Technology
Embassy of France in Egypt
Institut Français d’Egypte
Tel : 202 7915870



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