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As part of the Martí i Franquès COFUND Fellowship Programme (MFP-COFUND), the URV has opened the call for applications for 28 new predoctoral research fellowships in different research areas. This is the second edition of the MFP-COFUND programme. In the first edition, 22 candidates of 16 nationalities were selected, after a selection process with more than 300 people. The first doctoral students have already joined research groups of the URV, distributed in 11 departments, where they carry out their doctoral theses.

Application process

Below the candidate can find details about all the steps regarding the selection process, from the moment of the submission of the application, to the signing of the contract that marks the beginning of the PhD stage.

The selection process starts with the announcement of the call. Online application to the MFP positions is open throughout the duration of the call (about 2 months). The application form will close on May 20th, 2018, at 14.00 local time (GMT+1). Please note that the entire application process is online, and no paperwork will be allowed via other means of communication, such as mail or email.

Before you start the application process, please make sure to check all the research projects proposed, and their distribution. Make a note of your chosen research project, as it will be needed in the online application form.

The application process is entirely electronic, and is accessible at the personal profile page. The application consists of filling up a form, and uploading the following documents:

  1. Personal information form
  2. Academic & Employment information form
  3. Fellowship form
  4. Upload documents:
    1. Scanned copy of valid passport
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. Scanned copy of official academic degree
    4. Scanned copy of academic transcript
    5. Motivation letter
    6. 2 reference letters
    7. Scanned copy of master degree (optional if the candidate can access the PhD in his/her country without a master)
    8. Description of master project (optional, if the candidate uploaded the master degree)

Please remember that candidates MUST comply with the elegibility conditions in order to apply.

While a certificate of English level is not mandatory, remember that the interviews will be held in English, so the candidates must have a good grasp of the English language.

All submitted applications will go through an eligibility check by the management team. All the submitted documentation is subject to this check. At the end of this process, a provisional list of all candidates will be published on the official MFP webpage. Non-eligible candidates will have 10 days from the publishing day to bring forward new documentation. After 10 days, a final list of eligible candidates will be published, and all of them will go through the next step: the evaluation of their application.

The evaluation will be done according to the procedure detailed in the Evaluation criteria section. At the end of the process, all candidates will have access to an Evaluation Summary Report in their profile page, containing comments from the evaluators.

A list of ranked candidates will be published after this step. Candidates will have 10 days period to appeal the rankings, at the end of which, a final ranked list will be published. The best 3 candidates on each list will proceed to the next step.

The top 3 candidates for each position will be interviewed by Selection Committees at URV, according to the procedure detailed in the Selection Criteria section.

At the end of this step, a preliminary list consisting of a winner and two reserve candidates will be published on the official MFP page. The candidates will have 10 days from the date of the publication to appeal the decision. At the end of this period, the final list will be published, and the winners invited to proceed to the next step.

The awarded fellows are required to sign a letter of acceptance of the PhD fellowship, and start the PhD enrollment procedures. At this stage, the candidate will have to submit original documentation required for the official formalization of the enrolment, according to the procedures explained in the Doctoral School webpage.

If the candidate cannot complete the enrolment process due to lack of proper documentation, his/her application will be rejected and the next candidate in the list will be invited to complete the same process.

The final step in the process consists of the contract signing, which formalizes the beginning of the relationship between URV and the fellow.


Deadline: 20 May 2018






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