A PhD position in Seafood Quality and Safety is available at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. The position is related to the project Optimal utilisation of marine food resources (OPTiMAT). OPTiMAT is a comprehensive project dealing with marine food resources through the value chain from catch to the consumer´s table. OPTiMAT consist of the four thematic areas “Technology and product quality”, “Food safety and risk management”, “Utilisation of rest raw materials” and “Production efficiency”, and is a collaboration between Department of Biotechnology and Food Science and Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

ob description

The PhD position will focus on the significance of bacteria in the genus Aeromonas as a potential microbiological hazard and spoilage organism in lightly processed seafood. The project aims to explore the role of Aeromonas in seafood from temperate or cold waters. Possible research objectives are to study the inter-species heterogeneity of Aeromonas with respect to: biofilm formation, growth and survival, and production of spoilage metabolites in various seafood. An important task will be to identify efficient combinations of process technology to prevent growth of Aeromonas in ready-to-eat-products.

Qualification requirements

The PhD-position’s main objective is to qualify for work in research positions. The qualification requirement is completion of a master’s degree or second degree (equivalent to 120 credits) with a strong academic background in Food Microbiology, Food Science, Food Technology, or Biotechnology or equivalent education with a grade of B or better in terms of NTNU’s grading scale. Applicants with no letter grades from previous studies must have an equally good academic foundation. Applicants who are unable to meet these criteria may be considered only if they can document that they are particularly suitable candidates for education leading to a PhD degree.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants and national guidelines for appointment as PhD, postdoctor and research assistant

Other qualifications

We search for a person that is interested in food microbiology, is organised in her/his work, and is able to work independently, but also be a team worker. The applicants should have good communication skills and be fluent in English, both orally and written.

The candidate will be a part of the Food Science research group at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. The research group work with a variety of topics related to Food Science and Food Technology. It is thus important that the applicants are willing to collaborate with other researchers.

In the evaluation of which candidate is best qualified, emphasis will be placed on education, experience and personal suitability, in terms of the qualification requirements specified in the advertisement.

Salary and conditions

PhD candidates are remunerated in code 1017, and are normally remunerated at gross from NOK 449 400 before tax per year. From the salary, 2 % is deducted as a contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

The period of employment is 3 years. Appointment to a PhD position requires admission to the PhD programme in Biotechnology,  https://www.ntnu.edu/studies/phbiot

As a PhD candidate, you undertake to participate in an organized PhD programme during the employment period. A condition of appointment is that you are in fact qualified for admission to the PhD programme within three months.

Appointment takes place on the terms that apply to State employees at any time, and after the appointment you must assume that there may be changes in the area of work.

About the application:
Publications and other academic works that the applicant would like to be considered in the evaluation must accompany the application. Joint works will be considered. If it is difficult to identify the individual applicant’s contribution to joint works, the applicant must include a brief description of his or her contribution.

The application should contain:

  • CV, including list of publications with bibliographical references
  • Testimonials and certificates (including transcript of grades from BSc and MSc)
  • A brief description of the candidate’s research experience, interests and motivation for applying for the position
  • Documentation of fluency in English if English or a Scandinavian language is not the applicant’s mother tongue
  • Other documents which the applicant would like to present

Please submit your application electronically via jobbnorge.no with your CV, diplomas and certificates. Applicants invited for interview must include certified copies of transcripts and reference letters. Please refer to the application number NV-117/18 when applying.

Application deadline: 5th December, 2018





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