Doctoral student in research project Rethinking urban tourism development (PA2018/4503)

Doctoral student in biology (PA2019/979)

Doctoral student in Service Studies, spec Cultural and Creativity (PA2018/4300)

Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/955)

Doctoral student i biology (PA2019/713)

Doctoral student in Economic History with focus on Sustainable Development (PA2019/1238)

Doctoral student in Food and Formulation Engineering (PA2019/959)

Professor of Archaeology (PA2018/4350)

Professor in Occupational and Environmental Dermatology combined with a position as specialist/consultant (PA2018/1324)

Postdoctor in Bioinformatics (PA2019/1143

PhD position: X-ray imaging techniques at brilliant sources (PA2019/1003)

Doctoral student in numerical modelling of clouds and climate (PA2019/847)

Doctoral student in numerical modelling of cold clouds (PA2019/839)

Doctoral students in Economic History with a focus on the developing Global South 

Post doctoral fellow in Biology (PA2019/1055)

Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics with specialisation in Algebra (PA2019/108)

Postdoctoral fellow in bioinformatics at LUDC (PA2019/683)

PhD student in experimental cancer research (PA2019/1169)

PhD student in epidemiology (PA2019/1158)

Post-doctoral position (PA2019/249)

PhD-student in physics (PA2019/730)

Post-doctoral position in Networked systems for time-critical services in 5G (PA2019/961)

Post doctoral fellow in Biology (PA2019/707)

PhD in Sustainability Science (PA2018/4345)

Associate Senior Lecturer in Political Science (PA2019/555)

Assistant researcher (PA2019/1119)

Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/953)

Researcher in Machine Learning for Wireless Communication (PA2019/995)

Doctoral student in Physics (PA2019/754)

Doctoral student in Physics with focus on spectroscopy and catalysis (PA2019/696)

Post-doctoral position in migration law (PA2019/137)

Post-doctoral position in economic law (PA2019/135)

Researcher in biotechnology (PA2019/764)

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