Associate Professorship in Accounting
Faculty Positions in Soft Robotics at SDU – Associate Professor and Professor
Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and/or Pharmacoepidemiology
Professor with specific responsibilities in General Practice with specific focus on the interphase between medical/health anthropology and health
Associate Professor in health promotion and interventions
Associate professor in endocrinology
Readvertisement – Assistant / Associate Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management
READVERTISEMENT – Process Engineer in Manufacturing of Flexible devices from Roll-to-Roll (R2R)
Assistant Professor(s) in Mechanical Engineering
PhD Position in Educational Timetabling Optimization
Assistant Professor at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study
Associate professorships at the Department of Law
PhD Position in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication
Engineer for research support in Visual Inspection for industrial automation tasks
Postdoc in Humanistic Aging Studies
Assistant Professor(s) in Civil and Architectural Engineering
Professor with special responsibilities (WSR) at the Department of Law
Associate Professorship in Integrative Innovation Management and/or Project Management within the Centre for Integrative Innovation Management
Associate Professor in Molecular Microbiology
Assistant Professor in Functional Genomics
PhD Position in Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology
READVERTISEMENT Clinical professor in radiology (combined position)
READVERTISEMENT Professor in cardiovascular and renal pharmacology
Clinical professor in plastic surgery (combined position)
Postdoc in Small Animal Imaging
Postdoc in Endocrinology
Associate Professor in Tourism
Associate professor in youth sport and talent development
Faculty positions in Game Development, Learning Technology and Artificial Intelligence – associate professor and professor
Associate Professor in Clinical Biomechanics (part-time)
Associate Professor in welfare studies and/or public policy at the Department of Political Science and Public Management
Associate professor in Health Economics
Professor with Specific Responsibilities in Health Economics
External Lecturer within Bio-Statistics
READVERTISEMENT Professor with specific responsibilities in epidemiology and demography
READVERTISEMENT Clinical professor in pathology (combined position)
Tutors for seminars in business economics at the department of Marketing & Management and department of Business and Economics, Odense.
Professor Position in Computer Science
Professor WSR in Library and Information Science
Professor with specific responsibilities in accident analysis and accident prevention (combined position)
Clinical professor in gynaecology (combined position)
Postdoctoral Position to Study Breast Cancer Progression Using Proteomics and Genomics Approaches
PhD Position in Data Mining and Machine Learning
PhD Positions in Biological and Environmental Evolution
Readvertisement – Professors in Electrical Engineering
READVERTISEMENT Clinical professor in diabetes (combined position)
PhD fellowship in Social Science Didactics at the Department for the Study of Culture
Clinical Professor in Anaesthesiology (combined position)
Professorship(s) with Special Responsibilities (wsr) at the Department of Political Science and Public Management
Assistant or Associate Professor in Aquatic Ecology
Associate Professor in Technology Entrepreneurship
Professor in Palliative Care and Rehabilitation (combined position)
PhD Position in Nonlinear Quantum Optics with Ultracold Ytterbium
Assistant Professorship(s) in Public Administration
Associate Professor(s) in Public Administration

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