33 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Doctoral student in spatial proteomics
Doctoral student in physics of fluids and surfaces
Postdoc in in Sustainable Mobility: Stakeholders, Synergies, and Upscaling
Postdoc in Verification of Simulink Models
Doctoral student in space physics
Postdoc. Innovative Pathways to Peri-Urban Climate Change Governance
Doctoral student in Exascale Computing
Doctoral student in Artificial Intelligence for 6G Mobile Networks
Postdoc in Biomechanics, within bone growth mechanobiology
Research engineer in energy technology – turbomachinery aeromechanics
Partime researcher in visual optics
Postdoc in Soviet Antarctic history
Doctoral student in time-resolved studies of hybrid solar cells
Doctoral student in Networked Systems Security
Doctoral student in interfacial properties of Ionic Liquid (IL) additives
Postdoc in Fibre Technology in electroactive cellulose based materials
Postdoc in Model-driven analysis of critical infrastructure cyber-security
Postdoc in CT-reconstruction with Deep Learning
Postdoc in solid mechanics with emphasis on paper mechanics
Doctoral student in Distributed Systems / Data Science
Doctoral student in next-generation sensors for biomolecular sequencing
Postdocs in Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems using Proof Assistants
Assoc. Prof. Learning Engineering Science – Integr. Sustainable Development
Assistant professor in Road Traffic Engineering
Assistant Professor in Computer Science spec. in Systems for Data Analysis
Postdoc on circular economy with focus on circular manufacturing systems
Doctoral student in Game Theory and Machine Learning Security
Postdoctor in Modeling and Control for Bioproduction
Postdoc in Distributed Systems / Data Science Systems
Doctoral student in Data-driven Network Engineering and Science
Postdoc in Energy System modelling & Software architectures
Assoc Prof in Production System – specialisation in Automation
Associate Professor in applied physics, experimental quantum photonics

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