80 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

PhD student position in Computational Catalysis
Postdocs to build a quantum computer
Forskningsingenjör till Onsala rymdobservatorium
Research Professor or Senior Researcher in Hydro- and Aerodynamics
PhD student position in UHBR engine nacelle installation
PhD student position in engine design for boundary layer ingestion
Postdoctoral position in Renewable fuel production using catalysis
PhD student position in deep learning and optimization
PhD student position in adaptive Li-ion battery modelling for high-performance usage
Postdoctoral position in New cellulose fibers from the existing process
PhD student in AI/Machine Learning
PhD student position in SAXS/WAXS imaging
Postdoctoral researcher in neutron scattering studies of corrosion
Postdoctoral researcher in modeling of interactions between micro and macro processes in battery-powered vehicles
Head of Department
PhD student position in Microwave Imaging
Summer intern as a microwave measurement lab assistant
Postdoctoral position: NMR spectroscopy in materials science
PhD student position in surface chemistry
PhD student position in Atomistic modeling of materials for solar energy applications
Postdoctoral position in NMR spectroscopy (Wallenberg Wood Science Center)
PhD student position in nanomedicine
Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering
Lab technician, Division of Geology and Geotechnics
Professor in Computational Fluid Dynamics
2 Bioinformatics scientists to Biology and Biological Engineering at Chalmers
Postdoctoral position in Self-consistent crystal plasticity modelling
Postdoctoral position in electrochemical processing of graphene
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of Interaction Design), PAR 2019/755
PhD student position in Ground vibrations and structure borne sound
Researcher in driver and safety evaluation for automated driving
PhD student position in Thermodynamic Sorption Modelling
Postdoctoral position in dietary biomarker development
Postdoctoral position in systems and synthetic biology
Associate Professor or Senior lecturer in Interaction design
Industrial PhD student position in Learning Dynamical Systems in Combination Therapy
PhD student position in Software Engineering
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of Software Engineering), PAR 2019/708
Teaching assistant, one or more (Computer Engineering), PAR 2019/670
Senior lecturer in maritime engine systems
PhD student position in Science, Technology and Society
PhD student in observational extragalactic astronomy at low radio frequencies
Project assistant on motor drive
Project assistant in Microbial Electrochemical Conversion of Syngas
Postdoctoral position in Functional Programming
Postdoctoral position in systems biology with emphasis on rat and mouse metabolism
Postdoctoral position in Thermal Energy Storage for Building Applications
PhD student position in use and simulation of aggregate production for Environmental Product Declarations
PhD student position in Vehicle Thermal Management
PhD student position in Software Performance Engineering
PhD student position in Interface control during reactive melt-processing of biocomposites
Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in Engineering Education Research
Senior Lecturer in Production Systems
Research engineer
Postdoctoral position in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Teacher in Game Design and Research
PhD Student Position in Design of Low-Carbon Industrial Processes
PhD student position in Hydrodeoxygenation catalysis for production of sustainable fuels
Postdoctoral position in multi-antenna (MIMO) communications
PhD student position Electrical Engeneering: Electronics for THz receivers
Associate Professor in Internet of things and Cyber-physical Systems or Data Communication Networks and Networked Systems
Assistant Professor in Data Communication Networks and Networked Systems or Internet of Things and Cyber-physical Systems
PhD student position in Machine Learning applied into analysis of reasons to the occurrence of occupational accidents
Postdoctoral position in Networked control for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Postdoctoral position in Machine learning of humans’ behavior in traffic
Postdoctoral position – Launching developments for nonlocal DFT
Postdoctoral position in sustainable antifouling strategies in shipping
PhD student position in Health care operations management
PhD student position dealing with the development of run-around coil systems
PhD student position in Energy performance and indoor environment quality in school buildings
PhD student position in Gender and Technology
Assistant Professor with Tenure Track in Space Geodesy
PhD student position in “Intelligent agents that learn from their past experiences”
Post-doc position in III-nitride-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
PhD student position in antibiotic research
PhD student in Learning & Understanding Human-Centred Robotic Manipulation Strategies
Up to 3 PhD student positions in web application security

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