14 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Multi-Sensor and Deep Learning for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Sea Ice Mapping
PhD Candidate Molecular Biotechnology
PhD Candidate in theoretical and computational chemistry
PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics (Metagenomics)
ERC-Funded Postdoctoral Position in Numerical Optimization
Postdoctor, Centre for Sami Studies
Researcher position in Translational Cancer Research
PhD Candidate in “Multi-temporal remote sensing of dynamic Arctic phenomena”
Postdoctoral researcher in Organic Synthesis
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Haematopoietic Stem Cell Research
Research Fellow connected to the project “Cardiac metabolism in heart failure”
PhD Candidate in Computational Chemistry (Catalyst Design)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Epidemiology
Doctoral Research Fellowship in Theoretical Linguistics

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