35 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Lund University, Sweden

Researcher in Nanoimprintlitografi (PA2019/2067)
Post-doctaral position in Computer Science (PA2019/2076)
Two Doctoral student in Food and Formulation Engineering (PA2019/1923)
Postdoctor at LUDC (PA2019/312)
Assisten Researcher (PA2019/2214)
Doctoral student in organic chemistry (PA2019/2145)
Doctoral student in theoretical chemistry (PA2019/2174)
Lecturer in Sociology of Law (PA2019/1928)
Doctoral student in Mechanics, oriented towards modelling (PA2019/2016)
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering oriented towards millimetre wave communication (PA2019/2109)
Post doc (PA2019/2343)
314002 – BRAINS Deniz Kirik, Faculty of Medicine
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/1914)
Part time position as researcher for the study of Civil society elites (PA2019/2236)
Post doctoral fellow in physical chemistry (PA2019/2223)
Doctoral student in Smart grids and Smart cities (PA2019/2051)
Doctoral student in Sustainable urban governance and Smart grids (PA2019/2049)
Senior University Lecturer in Biochemistry (PA2018/3647)
PhD Student Position within Medical Radiation Physics (PA2019/2156)
PhD student in Medical Biotechnology (PA2019/2102)
Doctoral student in sociology, in the research project “Determinants of social trust among adolescents” (PA2019/2294)
Post doctor in Experimental Cardiovascular Research (PA2019/1997)
Post-doctoral position in immuno-oncology (PA2019/2331)
Doctoral student in Architecture with focus on Sustainable Living Environments (PA2019/2055)
Lecturer in architecture oriented towards digital tools (PA2019/2303)
1-2 Doctoral position in Human Geography (PA2019/2291)
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering (PA2019/2062)
Doctoral student in Industrial Automation – Electric Power Systems (PA2019/2117)
Post-doctoral position in Computer Science (PA2019/1374)
Substitute Senior Lecturer in Economic History, one or more (PA2019/2048)
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering (PA2019/2064)
Doctoral student in Environmental Science (PA2019/2374)
Doctoral Student position in Environmental Science with focus on land use for a sustainable future, within the Agenda 2030 graduate school (PA2019/1859)
Postdoctoral researchers (at least three) for the study of Civil society elites (PA2019/2234)
Post-doctoral position in Behavioural Insights for Low-carbon and Resource Efficient Economies (PA2019/1795)

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