38 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Postdoctoral studies in CD8 T cell differentiation (scholarship)
Postdoctoral Researcher in Pediatric Immunology
Postdoctoral fellow on scholarship in Immonugenetics
Postdoctoral Researcher in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights with a focus on Comprehensive Abortion Care
Postdoctoral studies in mitochondrial RNA structural biochemistry (scholarship)
Postdoctoral translational studies in the role of extracellular vesicles and proteins in malignant melanoma (scholarship)
Postdoctoral studies in pre-clinical studies of ADP-ribosylation
Postdoctoral studies in Genomics, Chromatin and RNA biology (computational or computational/experimental combined) (scholarship)
Postdoctoral studies in mitochondrial structural cell biology (scholarship)
Postdoctoral studies focused on dopamine neurons, stem cells and regenerative medicine
Postdoctoral position in human fat tissue biology, Lipid laboratory
Postdoctoral fellow on scholarship in RNA editing
Postdoctoral Researcher in Amyotrophic Lateral
Postdoctoral researcher in Epidemiology
Postdoctoral studies in Normal and Aberrant Hematopoiesis
Postdoctoral studies in Basic and Clinical Muscle Biology (scholarship)
Postdoctoral Researcher in transcriptomics of neurodegenerative disorders (scholarship)
Postdoctoral studies in immunology and chronic disease (scholarship)
Postdoktor i vårdforskning/omvårdnad
Postdoctoral studies in a KA Wallenberg consortium dedicated to explore the molecular origins of breast cancer
Postdoctoral researcher in innate lymphoid cell biology
Postdoctoral studies in imaging and dementia research (scholarship)
Post-doc in molecular PET imaging in non-human primates
Postdoc position, Maintenance of neuronal identity
Postdoctoral studies in tumor and vascular biology (scholarship)
Doctoral (PhD) student position with doctoral grant in molecular diagnostics of genetic diseases of the immune system
Doctoral (Ph.D.) student position with doctoral grant in the area of Metabolic Research
Doctoral (PhD) student position in pain research
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Rheumatology
Doctoral (PhD) student position in developmental cognitive neuroscience
Doctoral (PhD) student position in multi-omics studies in HIV-associated immune-aging
Doctoral (PhD) position in vascular biology with special emphasis on diabetes as a risk factor for Alzheimer´s disease
Marie Skodowska-Curie PhD student position in “Molecular Phenotyping of Parkinson’s disease iPS cells”
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Chromosome Biology: Functional characterization and targeting of topoisomerase regulatory interactions to kill cancer cells
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Genome engineering of pluripotent stem cells for clinical applications
Doctoral (PhD) student position in experimental oncology (KID funded)
Doctoral (PhD) student position in Geriatric Epidemiology
Doctoral (PhD) student position in PET Radiochemistry

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