30 PhD and Postdotoral Positions at Aalto University, Finland

Postdoc in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Applications
Doctoral student position – Three-Dimensional (3D) Integration of MEMS and Smart Systems
Research Assistants (Honours programme in Communications and Networking)
Postdoctoral researcher in International Business
Two Doctoral Candidates in Sustainable Business
Doctoral student/postdoc position on manipulation of soft matter using robotic instruments
Postdoctoral Researcher in Mechanics of Lattice Materials
Postdoctoral Researcher in DNA nanotechnology and plasmonics
Two research assistant positions within hardware and software for embedded systems for building applications
Postdoctoral researcher in Modelling of transcranial magnetic stimulation
Doctoral Candidate/MSc Thesis worker in Modelling of transcranial magnetic stimulation
MSc thesis in Over-the-air Radio Link Performance Testing and Modeling for High-Mobility Vehicles
University Teacher or University Lecturer in Mechanics
University Teacher or University Lecturer in Mechanics
Helsinki ICT network: Positions for Exceptional Doctoral Students in computer science
Three Postdoctoral Researchers in Photonics
Postdoctoral researcher in Sustainable Consumption [Design]
Postdoctoral researcher in Organization and Management
Postdoc or Ph.D. student in the area of interledger DLT technologies
Doctoral Candidate in the field of electrochemical energy storage (redox flow batteries)
Assistant Professor in Autonomous Systems and Robotics (tenure track)
Open applications for doctoral candidate in Finite Element Method Simulation of unsaturated soils under complex thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical (THMC) conditions.
Master Thesis in Synthetic Biology
Tenure track or tenured professorship in Design and Materialities
Tenure track or tenured professorship in Strategic Service Design
Master`s Thesis Candidate
Doctoral Students in Computing Education Research
Visiting professor in the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence
Visiting Researcher in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (unfunded position)

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