20 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Researcher/Environmental assessment specialist
PhD position at the Department of Forest Resource Management, Forest Planning
Two postdoc positions in modelling plant-environment interactions
Postdoc at UPSC
Senior Lecturer in Genetics
Phd student in resarch topic Soil Science
PhD position in crop production adaptations to climate change
PhD position at UPSC: Mechanics and Dynamics of Cell to Cell Adhesion in Plants
Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture with specialization in the development, management and maintenance of urban vegetation
PhD student in the research education subject: Forest Pathology; Chemical Ecology
Phd student, Soil science – Biogeochemistry of forest soils
Postdoc: Achieving sustainable agriculture under future climatic conditions (modeler)
Senior Lecturer in Water Quality in Agricultural Landscapes
Senior Lecturer in Geoinformatics with focus on Soil Science
Professor of planting design and urban vegetation
Laboratory Engineer
Postdoctoral position in forest modeling – from ecology to improved silviculture
Professor of Sustainable Cropping Systems
Professor in Nutrient Cycling
Senior lecturer in Integrated Weed Management

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