38 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Uppsala University, Sweden

Research assistant in assyriology
Research Engineers Specializing in Mechanical Engineering
PhD student in linguistics
Professor of the physics of molecular imaging combined with the position of primary medical physicist at Uppsala University Hospital
Researcher in experimental Mineralogy
Senior Lecturer in Game Design
Expert in antibiotic resistance
Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology with focus on Tumour Biology
PhD position within new strategies for new antibiotics
Postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary genetics
Researcher position in Economics
Assistant senior lecturer in Egyptology
Project assistant in Assyriology
Researcher in hydrology
Senior Lecturer in Literature, especially Sociology of Literature
Research assistant in human African population genetics
Tenure Track Position as Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering with specialization in Building Information Modeling
PhD student position with focus on the drought-human-environment nexus
Researcher in Conservation Genomics
Tenure Track Position as Assistant Professor in electricity with specialization in power electronics for synchronous machines
Junior research position in ore geology
PhD student in Semitic languages, with focus on Semitic linguistics
PhD student position in the research group of Lecturer MD PhD Patrick Micke
Research assistant in vascular biology
Postdoctoral position in inorganic chemistry, magnetic materials
Postdoctoral position in quantitative genetics
Postdoctor in Pharmacometrics
Up to 2 Researchers in Computational Biochemistry
Postdoctoral fellow in Comparative Genetics and Genomics
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Biochemistry
Bioinformatician in RNA-seq based expression analyses
Project coordinator in comparative genetics and genomics
PhD candidate position, Department of Social and Economic Geography
Ph.D. position in experimental particle physics (ATLAS) at Uppsala University, in collaboration with Universität Bonn (Germany)
Researcher in the Kasson laboratory
Researcher in Environmental Toxicology with Engineering background
Senior lecturer in Business Studies, especially Entrepreneurship
Senior lecturer in Business Studies, especially Organisation

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