72 Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

PhD Scholarship in Fisheries Technology/Engineering
PhD Scholarship in Nano-microencapsulation Technologies
Associate Professor in Digital Learning Technology for Mathematics and Statistics
Senior Researcher in Bioprocess Engineering
Research Engineer
PhD Scholarship in Drone-based Near-surface Geophysics
Postdoc in Electronic Structure Modelling of Redox Flow Battery Materials
PhD scholarship in Marine Larval Hatchery Technology: Microbial Management and Immune System Ontogeny in European Eel
Postdoc position in Squeezed Light based Quantum Cryptography
Research Assistant for Climate Technology Transfer, Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Business Developer – European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Denmark
PhD scholarship in Biomedical Engineering of Biomarkers for Image-Guided Surgery
Researcher in 3D Image Analysis
PhD scholarship in Efficient Solution Methods for Large Scale Topology Optimization Problems
PhD scholarships
Postdoc in Magnetic Imaging of Nerve Structure and Function
PhD scholarship in Nano-patterning of 2D materials by directed self-assembly
PhD students in Next-generation Snakebite Antivenoms
Postdoc in Wind Turbine Experimental & Numerical Aerodynamics
Postdoc in Industrial Energy System Optimization
PhD scholarship in 2D Materials based Integrated Photonics for Future Optical Interconnects
Scientific Floor Manager
Postdoc in Modeling and Computer Simulations
Associate/Assistant Professor in Machine Learning and Signal Processing
Postdoc in Oral Protein Delivery using Microdevices
Two PhD Scholarships
PhD scholarship in Optimal Planning and Operation of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (DTU-CAS Joint Degree)
Postdoc in Adaptive Laboratory Evolution for Chemical Tolerance
Professor in Yeast Metabolic Engineering
Professor (with special responsibilities) in Offshore Produced Water Management Research
Assistant Professor in Structural Dynamics and Structural Health Monitoring
PhD Scholarships
PhD Scholarship in In-Situ NMR based Metabonomics of Microbial Secondary Metabolites
Postdoc in Thermodynamics of Electrolyte Solutions
Assistant/Associate Professor in Networks and Distributed Systems — Adjunkt/lektor i Netværk og Distribuerede Systemer
Associate/Assistant Professor in Modelling of Human Dynamics
PhD Scholarship in Aeolus satellite lidar for wind mapping
PhD Scholarship in Optical remote sensing lidar in wind tunnels
PhD Scholarship in Wind lidar probe volume reduction using numerical range limited scanning using a continuous wave (CW) laser source modulated by synthetic phase noise
PhD Scholarship in Atmospheric turbulence characterization under inhomogeneous inflow conditions using nacelle-lidar measurements
PhD Scholarship in Characterization of power performance of a wind turbine inside a wind farm
Assistant/Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics — Adjunkt/lektor i Anvendt Matematik
PhD scholarship in Modelling of Vascular Flows in Plant Leaves
Professor (with special responsibilities) in Biogeochemical Modelling
Analytical chemist for Postdoc position in NanoBio Science
PhD students in Advanced Antibody Discovery Technologies
Postdoc in Advanced Antibody Discovery Technologies
PhD scholarship in Smart Polymer Acoustofluidic Chip Manufacturing
Technicians/Service Engineers
Postdoc in Measuring the Catalytic Activity of a Single Nanoparticle under Real Reaction Conditions
PhD scholarship in Continuous Variable Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communication
Professor in Fishing Gear Performance
Professor in Marine Sustainability
PhD Scholarship in Marine Biogeochemistry
Postdoc in Observational Cosmology
PhD scholarship in Design and Simulations of Quantum Light Sources
Postdoc position on High-Efficiency Single Photon Sources on Lithium Niobate Photonics Platform
Senior Expert on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
PhD projects in Telecommunication Engineering
PhD scholarship in Data-driven Control and Energy Management Strategies for Compact Thermal Storage Systems Towards Optimal use of Cross-Sectoral Flexibility
Postdoctoral Researcher in Microbiota Glycoengineering
Postdoctoral Researcher in Protein Engineering and Glyco-mimetics
Postdoctoral Researcher in Cellular Immunology and Glycoengineering
PhD project in Experimental or Theoretical Nanophotonics
PhD scholarships in Nonlinear Optics and Biophotonics
PhD Project in New Light Sources
PhD scholarship in WPP Support for Weather Dependent Active Distribution Networks
PhD scholarship in Coordination of wind-hybrid power plants, with energy storage, for enhanced balancing market participation in support of power systems with high share of renewables
PhD Scholarship in Drone Technology for Habitat Mapping
PhD scholarship: CFD Modeling of NOx Formation and Control in Mineral Processing
Postdoc in Theory and Modelling of Organic Optoelectronic Materials
Professor (with special responsibilities) in Aeroelasticity and Dynamics of Wind Turbines

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