46 PhD and postdoctoral Positions at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

PhD position in Environmental Chemistry
Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics
Doctoral student – Optimization of pulsed electric field processing for bio-based applications
Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health
PhD in Computational Ecosystem Science: Water-carbon coupling
Department of Environmental Systems Science
PhD Position in Computational Literary Studies and Network Science
Social Networks Lab
PhD position on Advanced optical spectroscopy of quantum nanomaterials
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry
Postdoctoral position in clinical metabolomics
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology
PhD position in applied data science
Management Information Systems
PhD position in the Innovative Training Network UBIMOTIF (ESR12): Identification of physiological substrates and specificity determinants of the human GID
Institute of Biochemistry
Senior Data Scientist
Swiss Data Science Center
PhD Position in Evaporites Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Isotope Geochemistry Group
Open PhD Position in Computational Social Sciences
Chair of Systems Design
3 full-time PhD positions in the interdisciplinary Architecture & Technology PhD program
ITA Institute of Technology in Architecture
PhD position in Computational Geobiology
Geological Institute
PhD/Postdoc Position in Hydrothermal Geochemistry
Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology, Department of Earth Sciences
Research assistant in land-use decision modeling and remote sensing
Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development
PhD position in “Modelling biodiversity impacts in LCA”
Institute of Environmental Engineering
Doctoral Position «Industrialization in the Alps: Landscape, Architecture, Art and Work» Subproject B «temporary workers settlements in the Alps»
Institute for Landscape and Urban Studies – Chair of Günther Vogt
PhD position in Bayesian modeling
Management Information Systems
Postdoc position in ultrafast laser science for HHG based coherent diffraction imaging of nanoparticles and ultrafast dynamics
Nanostructures and Ultrafast X-ray Science Group
Postdoctoral Researcher on decision support platform development in the weather and climate context
Institute for Environmental Decisions
Postdoctoral Research Scientists in Superconducting Quantum Computing
Quantum Device Lab
Postdoctoral positions in chemical synthesis and in-situ characterization
Laboratory for Electrochemical Energy Systems
Professur für Computational Social Science
Scientific Software Developer
PhD student – Early Stage Researcher: Mechanoregulation of bone remodeling in type 2 diabetes using HRpQCT in vivo patient data
Institute for Biomechanics
PhD Position in Precision Medicine for Neurological Disorders
Machine Learning and Computational Biology Lab
PhD position in Transport Modeling in Porous Media linked to Corrosion Science
Institute for Building Materials
Postdoctoral position on “Large Eddy Simulations of hydrogen combustion in gas turbines”
Laboratory of Combustion and Acoustics for Power & Propulsion Systems
PhD/Post-Doc Positions for Synthetic Biology-Inspired Therapies
Biotechnology and Bioengineering Group
PhD position in ultrafast control of spin-ladder compounds under pressure
Institute for Quantum Electronics
PhD Position in Chemistry and Nanotechnology
Chemistry and Materials Design Group
PhD position: Engineering brain activity patterns using BMI
Institute of Neuroinformatics
Postdoc position: Engineering brain activity patterns using BMI
Institute of Neuroinformatics
Several Ph.D. positions in electrochemical energy storage and conversion (chemistry, materials science and MechE)
Laboratory for Electrochemical Energy Systems
Planet MARS: seven PhDs in Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Geodynamics
Department of Earth Sciences
PhD position in Distributed Computing
Distributed Computing Group, Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
PhD Position in RESPONSE (ESR 03): Developing a source-to-sink value chain for Swiss industrial carbon dioxide via a holistic approach
Energy Science Center
PhD Position in RESPONSE (ESR 08): Towards improving forage productivity under future climates
Molecular Plant Breeding Group
PhD Position in RESPONSE (ESR 05): Engineering the Policy-Enabled Transition to Sustainable Multi-Energy Microgrids
Reliability and Risk Engineering Laboratory
PhD Position in RESPONSE (ESR 04): Energy transition and the transport sector – assessing the impact of European and national policies on future drive technology mixes, energy use, and emission pathways
Energy Politcs Group
Fellowship Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Law, Economics and Business Group
Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Law, Economics and Business Group
PhD Position: Safe Learning in Control
Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering
Ph.D. candidate for modelling and optimising advanced magnetic devices for future highly efficient converter systems
Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems
Post-doctoral position in Political Economy / International Environmental Politics
Center for Comparative and International Studies
PhD position – Big Data Analysis using Artificial Intelligence in Railway Measurement and Grinding
Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing
PhD student in Mathematical Modelling of Organogenesis
Computational Biology (CoBi) Group

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