16 PhD and Postdoctoral positions at The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg

Post-Doc in the field of development of bio-sensor assays with nano-structured sensors (M/F)
Post-Doc in the field of Development of electrochemical synthesis microreactor (M/F)
Experienced researcher in Plant Synthetic Biology (M/F)
Experienced Partnership Officer in Greentech Innovation (M/F)
Group Leader – Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling (M/F)
PhD position in mass spectrometer development for in-line nano-analytics (M/F)
Characterization engineer in the field of molecular analysis (NMR) (M/F)
Chemical process and safety engineer (M/F)
Junior R&T Associate on Polymer thin films for surface hydrophobation (M/F)
R&T Associate on Ferroic Materials for Transducers (M/F)
Research engineer in the field of Business Analytics Architecture (M/F)
Junior R&T Associate in the field of atomistic simulations of functional materials (M/F)
Experienced researcher focusing on the development of innovative nano-analytical techniques based on laser technologies (M/F)
Engineer specialized in instrumentation using charged particle beams (M/F)
Characterization Senior/Lead Engineer in the field of Structure Analysis (SAXS/XRD) (M/F)
Experienced R&D Engineer in nanomaterial synthesis and formulations (M/F)

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