60 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Postdoctoral position in Environmental Nanosafety of single Nanoparticles
PhD student position on modeling of biocomposite processing
PhD student in aerodynamic analysis and optimization of future jet engine fans
PhD student in Multidisciplinary modelling of aircraft and propulsion systems
Postdoctoral position in Terahertz instrumentation
PhD student position in antibiotic research
Associate Professor in Environmental systems analysis
Data Science Research Engineer specializing in machine learning
Senior reseracher in Sustainable consumption
Postdoctoral position in interaction design
Postdoctor in Formal Methods, PAR 2019/1377
PhD student position on electrical machine design for vehicle applications
PhD student position in Sustainability Requirements, Analysis, and Operationalization of Metrics
Student Teaching Assistant, one or more (the field of Software Engineering), PAR 2019/1398
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of Data Science and AI), PAR 2019/1351
Student Teaching Assistant, one or more (the field of Interaction Design), PAR 2019/1399
Student Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of Computer Science), PAR 2019/1397
Student Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of Computer Engineering), PAR 2019/1352
PhD student in Model-driven Software Engineering, PAR 2019/1385
Postdoctoral position in Crystal plasticity and microstructure modelling towards analysis of neutron diffraction experiments
Postdoctoral position in Process Design
Associate Professor in Multiphase Flow
Postdoctoral position in Study of the aerodynamics of an electric aircraft using Lattice-Bolzmann
PhD position in microscopic modeling of Moire exciton physics
Postdoctoral position in formal analysis/verification of autonomous SW/HW systems
PhD student position in Marine Structures
Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning Driven Air Flow Control for Reduced Drag of Ships
Two PhD student positions on Nanophotonics for Biological Applications
PhD student position in Physics focusing on Experimental Nanophotonics
Project assistants in dietary intervention studies
PhD student positions in building a superconducting quantum computer
PhD student in AI/ML systems for energy efficient electrified vehicles
Postdoctoral position in Nanoparticle Conjugated Polymer Composites for Gas Sensing
Postdoctoral position in Synthesis of Polar Conjugated Polymers
PhD student position in dark matter particle phenomenology
PhD student position in Marine Structures
Researcher position in modeling a superconducting quantum computer
PhD or postdoc – Modelling in support of transitions of municipal energy systems
Researcher in Service and Quality Management in public organizations
Postdoctoral researcher on the development of a new Rheo-SAXS sample environment
PhD student position on synthesis of materials for energy applications
Postdoctoral position in cellulose networks from sustainable alkaline solutions
PhD student position in Ground vibrations and structure borne sound
PhD student position in local energy markets
Postdoctoral position in theory of exciton dynamics in 2D materials
PhD student position in Retail and Supply Chain Management
Postdoctoral position in Electron microscopy and FIB-SEM studies of cellulose fibres
PhD student position in Supply Chain Planning in Digital Supply Chains
Postdoctoral position in deep learning for long-term visual localization
PhD student position in Business models in digitized supply networks
PhD student position in production logistics and materials handling
Lokalvårdare till Chalmers Serviceavdelning
Postdoctoral position in artificial topological matter
PhD student position in Technology Management / Innovation Studies
PhD student position in thermochemical plastic recycling
Postdoctoral position in theoretical particle physics
Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships
PhD student position in Solid and Structural Mechanics
PhD student position in Supply Chain Management in Sustainable Transport
Postdoctoral position in Process development for metal recovery via hydrometallurgy.

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