70 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

PhD: The effect of in-situ impact on the remaining useful life of composite structures (LR19.35)
PhD: Experimental study of propeller-wing interactions in propulsive and regenerative modes (LR19.39)
PhD: Multidisciplinary propeller analysis and design for optimal energy efficiency, noise emissions, and structural performance in propulsive and regenerative conditions (LR19.40)
PhD Optimisation approaches for predictive aircraft maintenance planning (LR19.42)
PhD in Airline Operations Modelling (LR19.43)
PhD Towards climate friendly flight: understanding the underlying chemistry and physics of the climate effects of aviation (LR19.44)
PDEng Traineeship in Process & Equipment (TNW CE 19-055)
PhD: Biophysical studies at the interface with artificial lipid membranes (TNWBN19-038)
PDEng Trainee Designer in Bioprocess Engineering (TNWBT19-056)
PhD Nitrogen Activation (TNWCE19-070)
PhD on Ultrafast ultrasound for Heart and Brain (TNWIP19-011)
PhD Optical Flow Sensing (TNWIP19-041)
PhD: Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (TNWIP19-054)
PhD in sustainable energy technology on the understanding and development of luminescent thin-films for electricity generating windows. (TNWRST19-065)
PhD in the LDE PortCityFutures (BK2019/26)
PhD position: Partitioning of Water and Sediment at River Bifurcations (CiTG19.66)
PhD student on Security of Industrial IoT Systems (EWI2019-59)
PhD Student in Programming Language Engineering (EWI2019-61)
PhD student trust modelling for technology (EWI2019-71)
PhD student in Intelligent virtual agent for health coaching (EWI2019-76)
PhD: Data-driven Game-theoretic Control for Complex Systems of Systems (3mE19-80)
PhD: Deep Robot Action and Control (3mE19-86)
PhD: Plasticity of high-strength steels in structures (3mE19-90)
PhD position: Exploring new machine learning and optimization approaches for materials science (3mE19-91)
PhD: Advanced Motion compensation for large floating Heavy Lift Vessels (3mE19-92)
PhD candidate Responsible Research and Innovation (ATTBM 19.031)
Postdoctoral Researcher: Electrochemical CO2 Reduction (TNW CE 19-068)
Postdoc in Surface chemistry and molecular biology for DNA replication (TNWBN19-059)
Postdoc position in Single-molecule studies of chromatin replication (TNWBN19-060)
Postdoc (3 years) on Membraneless Redox Flow Battery development (TNWCE19-067)
Post-Doc Position on Lensless Imaging of 3D Nanostructures with Soft X-rays (TNWIP19-016)
Research officer (Post-doc level) Diversity, Migration and Inequality (BK2019/28)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Energy Transition (BK2019/38)
Postdoctoral researcher Design for Sustainability, ENRGISED (ATIO 0796)
Postdoc: Quantum Accelerometers for Inertial Navigation (3mE19-68)
Postdoc: Interactive Reinforcement Learning (3mE19-84)
Postdoc: Robust Deep Sensor Fusion for Human-Robot Interaction (3mE19-85)
Postdoc: Learning Physical Human-Robot Cooperation Tasks (3mE19-89)
Postdoc: Efficient abstractions for real time control communications (3mE19-93)
Scientific programmer for Parallelization and optimization of code for a wireless control toolbox (3mE19-94)
Postdoc: Low Power wireless protocols for control (3mE19-97)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Space Systems (LR.19.37)
Assistant or associate Professor in life-cycle design of aerospace structures (LR19.34)
Full Professor ‘Spaceborne Instrumentation’ (LR19.38)
Assistant Professor in Aircraft Maintenance Tenure Track (LR19.41)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.45)
Lecturer Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.46)
Three Assistant Professor (tenure track) positions in Biotechnology, TU Delft (TNWBT19-071)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position at Department of Imaging Physics (TNWIP19-035)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Physics and charge transfer reactions at interfaces in next generation batteries (TNWRST19-050)
Assistant Professor History of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tenure Track) (BK2019/25)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Urban Design on the Neighbourhood Scale (BK2019/29)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Urban Design on the Regional Scale (BK2019/30)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Landscape Architecture (BK2019/31)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Thinking & Making (BK2019/32)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Digital Tools (BK2019/33)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Global Housing (BK2019/34)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values and Project Decisions for Sustainability (BK2019/35)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Circular Built Environment (BK2019/36)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Structural Design (BK2019/37)
Part-Time Professor Construction Technology Of Civil Engineering Structures (CiTG 19.64)
Assistant professor/ tenure track Transdisciplinary Design of Infrastructures in the Environment (CiTG 19.68)
Assistant/Associate professor (tenure track) in Emerging Technologies for Nature Based Solutions in Coastal Waters (CiTG19.40)
Assistant Professor Ports and Waterways (CiTG19.67)
Assistant Professor in Blockchain-related Computer Science (EWI2019-10)
Tenure Track in Computer Vision (EWI2029-73)
Assistant/Associate Professor in Optimal Control of Thermofluids Networks (3mE19-43)
Assistant/Associate Professor Networked Cyber-Physical Systems (3mE19-82)
Full Professor in Complex Energy Transitions (ATTBM 19.030)
Assistant professor (Tenure Track) Safety and Security Science TU Delft (ATTBM19.027)

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