Postdoc in drug targeting and tissue plasticity
PhD Fellowship in Functional Proteomics and Tissue Plasticity
Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Instructor for the Modularization and Platform Design Course (PDCMPD)
Instructor for the Knowledge Management for Engineers Course (PDCKM)
PhD positions for Industry 4.0 Laboratory Initiative at University of Southern Denmark
Clinical Professors in Child and Adolescent or Adult Psychiatry (combined positions)
Professor/Clinical Professor in Genetics of Epilepsy (combined position)
Assistant and associate professor positions at SDU Health Informatics and Technology
Associate Professor in Audiology
Associate professor of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry
Research assistants for the Bandim Health Project, OPEN
PhD scholarship at the Department of Business and Economics
PhD Scholarship within Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater Sludge
PhD Fellowship to Study Transcriptional Plasticity of the Endocrine Pancreas
Postdoc within Programming by Demonstration
Academic employee
Associate Professor/ Professor WSR/Professor in Quantum Mathematics
3 year Postdoctoral Fellows in Quantum Mathematics
2 year Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum Mathematics
Associate professor or tenure-track assistant professorships in quantum mathematics
D-IAS Assistant Professor in Quantum Mathematics
RE-ADVERTISEMENT Assistant Professor in Lifestyle Epidemiology
Clinical Professor in Urology (combined position)
Pre-award EU H2020 consultant at the University of Southern Denmark
Research Development Manager
READVERTISEMENT Professor in regenerative medicine (combined position)
Clinical Professor and Head of Research in Rheumatology (combined position)
Postdoc position in data analytics, process mining and simulation
2-year postdoc position in politics and policies of generations and populations at CPOP-SAMF
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
PhD Positions in Nonlinear Quantum Optics with Ultracold Ytterbium
Associate professor within the humanities and social sciences
Professor or Professor wsr in mechanical or mechatronic engineering
Associate and Assistant Professors in mechanical or mechatronic engineering
Postdoc in control engineering and Al
Postdoc position in industrial ecology
Assistant or Associate Professor in cardiovascular or renal physiology and pharmacology
1-2 Associate professors in epidemiology or biostatistics
Professor with specific responsibilities in research in active living environments
Professor with specific responsibilities in research in Movement practices and phenomenology
Professor in Philosophy
Professor in Cultural Studies
Professor of Ancient Greek or Byzantine Literature
PhD Positions in Quantum Mathematics
Professor with special responsibilities in Human Resource Management

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