80 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

PhD position in Information System 
PHD position in Biometric Face Recognition 
PhD position in Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols 
PhD position in Socio-Technical Approaches Towards Human-Centric Internet and Multimedia Systems 
PhD position in High Voltage Technology – “Wet Design of AC Power Cables for Future Offshore Power Grids” 
PHD position in Process Algebraic Modelling of Network Control and Dependencies 
PHD position in Data Privacy and Disclosure Control 
PhD position in Crypto Currency Forensics, Analytics and Tracking 
PhD candidate in Molecular Biology 
PhD position in Molecular Modeling 
PhD position in Management Information Systems 
PhD position in environmental toxicology (in vitro effects of plastics) 
PhD Candidate through the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA ITN Project FLOAWER 
PhD position in Floating Offshore Wind Energy  
PhD candidate on Risk-Based Model Predictive Control 
PhD candidate in Interdependencies in multi-infrastructure asset management (IV-260/19) 
PhD position in Nature Based Hydraulic Infrastructure Design for Glaciated Mountain Reg. IV-267/19 
Postdoctoral Fellow in Fundamentals and Laser Diagnostics in Pressurized Oxy-Fuel Combustion 
Tenure track associate professorship in Medicine (human cognitive neuroscience) 
Postdoctoral fellow 
Researcher in NTNU Energy Transition Initiative (NETI) 
Professor or Associate Professor within Cyber and Information Security in Power Systems 
PhD position (DeepScale) 
Postdoctoral fellow in Electrical Machines and Electromagnetics – “A Digital Approach for Enhanced Flexibility and Capability of Hydrogenators” 
Associate Professor in Quantitative Managerial Economics 
Associate professor in Marine biology 
Post Doctor position in Materials Science and Engineering (Battery Technology) 
Associate Professor in Mathematics 
PhD position in Electric Power Engineering within “Insulation Stressed with Fast Rise Time Repetitive Voltages from High Voltage Power Electronics (FastTrans)” 
Professor/Associate Professor in Food Chemistry 
PostDoctor in Food Proteomics 
PhD position in digital twin for safety demonstration 
Professor in Software Engineering – Agile 
Tenure-track Associate Professor in Extended Reality (XR=VR/AR/MR) and Visual Computing 
PhD fellowship –  – Institutt for matematiske
PhD fellowship –  – Institutt for matematiske
Professor/Associate Professor of Marine Cybernetics 
Postdoctoral fellow in biomedical engineering related to exosome separation and manipulation 
PhD position in submicron particle separation and characterization 
PhD candidate in Engineering Cybernetics: Multi-sensor fusion and payload systems for UAVs 
PhD position in molecular medicine at the Faculty of medicine and health sciences, NTNU 
PhD candidate 
PhD Position in the area of Digital Twins: Automatic calibration and decision making 
PhD position at The Center Quantum Spintronics (QuSpin) 
PhD position at The Center for Quantum Spintronics (QuSpin) 
PhD position in Advanced Mineral Processing – IV-280/19 
PhD position in 3D printing for metallic multi-material products 
Phd Candidate within Optimization of Lean Production Systems 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Transportation Engineering (IV-259/19) 
PhD position: Cybernetics approaches for personalized biofeedback 
2 PhD positions on freshwater microplastics (Innovative Training Network LimnoPlast) 
PhD position in Electric Power Engineering – “Digital Solar Electricity”
PhD fellowships at the Department of Mathematical Sciences
PhD position in Efficient Broadband RF Power Amplifiers/Transmitters
PhD-position within the area “Biophotonics”.
Postdoctoral Fellow in tailoring long-range order in 2D magnetic metamaterials
PhD position in the acoustics group
PhD position in Electricity Markets and Energy System Planning– “Advanced Informatics for Procuring Automated Flexibility Services in Balancing Markets”
PhD position in “Digital Power System Protection and Control”
PhD position in Systems Development for Smart Sustainable Cities
PhD position in Medical Technology
PhD-position within the area “Oxide electronics”.
PhD position within Power System Protection and Control in Digital Substations (ProDig)
PhD position in Recommender Systems in Computer Science Education
PhD position in Hybrid Access for the Next Generation Internet
PhD position in Quality of Computer Science Programming Education
PhD in Interaction Design and Learning Technologies
PhD position in Gamification of Information Security Education and Training
PhD fellowship position in Robustness and Interpretable Machine/Deep Learning Analysis for High-Order Data: Theory, Algorithm and Application
PhD position Data Intensive Biofeedback Systems
PhD fellowship in analytical methods for partial differential equations
PhD position in Response Technology Applied in Education
PHD position in Deep Learning and Big Data Analysis for Digital Security
PHD position in Cyber Security of Smart Energy Grids and IoT
PHD position in Service Differentiation in Future Networks
Postdoctoral position in Security Knowledge Management
Professor in System Dynamics for Development of ‘Digital Twins’
Postdoctoral Fellowship   – Institutt for matematiske

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