69 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

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Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Space Systems (LR.19.37)
Full Professor ‘Spaceborne Instrumentation’ (LR19.38)
Assistant Professor in Aircraft Maintenance Tenure Track (LR19.41)
PhD Optimisation approaches for predictive aircraft maintenance planning (LR19.42)
PhD Towards climate friendly flight: understanding the underlying chemistry and physics of the climate effects of aviation (LR19.44)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.45)
Lecturer Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.46)
Postdoc in Surface chemistry and molecular biology for DNA replication (TNWBN19-059)
Postdoc position in Single-molecule studies of chromatin replication (TNWBN19-060)
Postdoc : Biophysical studies at the interface with artificial lipid membranes (TNWBN19-079)
Three Assistant Professor (tenure track) positions in Biotechnology, TU Delft (TNWBT19-071)
PhD on Ultrafast ultrasound for Heart and Brain (TNWIP19-011)
Post-Doc Position on Lensless Imaging of 3D Nanostructures with Soft X-rays (TNWIP19-016)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position at Department of Imaging Physics (TNWIP19-035)
PhD Optical Flow Sensing (TNWIP19-041)
PhD on Fast volumetric ultrasound imaging of acoustic biomolecules (TNWIP19-074)
PhD on Biomolecular ultrasound sensors (TNWIP19-075)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Physics and charge transfer reactions at interfaces in next generation batteries (TNWRST19-050)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Urban Design on the Neighbourhood Scale (BK2019/29)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Urban Design on the Regional Scale (BK2019/30)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Landscape Architecture (BK2019/31)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Thinking & Making (BK2019/32)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Digital Tools (BK2019/33)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Global Housing (BK2019/34)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Heritage, Values and Project Decisions for Sustainability (BK2019/35)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Circular Built Environment (BK2019/36)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Structural Design (BK2019/37)
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Energy Transition (BK2019/38)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Urban Studies (BK2019/40)
Part-Time Professor Construction Technology Of Civil Engineering Structures (CiTG 19.64)
Assistant professor/ tenure track Transdisciplinary Design of Infrastructures in the Environment (CiTG 19.68)
Assistant Professor in Biochemical physics of structures (Tenure track) (CiTG-19.26)
PhD in Railway Transition Zones (CiTG19.16)
Assistant/Associate professor (tenure track) in Emerging Technologies for Nature Based Solutions in Coastal Waters (CiTG19.40)
Assistant Professor Ports and Waterways (CiTG19.67)
Assistant Professor in Geospatial Data Analytics (CiTG19.69)
PhD Position C-SCAPE; Sandy strategies for sustainable coastal climate change adaptation (CiTG19.72)
Postdoc on Assessment of shared mobility impacts (CiTG19.74)
PhD Student in the Distributed Systems Group (EWI 2019-68)
Assistant Professor in Blockchain-related Computer Science (EWI2019-10)
PhD student on Security of Industrial IoT Systems (EWI2019-59)
PhD Student in Programming Language Engineering (EWI2019-61)
PhD Position:STRAP: Self TRAcking for Prevention and diagnosis of heart diseases (EWI2019-75)
2 fully funded PhD students in Model Learning (EWI2019-78)
Postdoc in Quantum Computer Simulation Technologies (EWI2019-80)
Full Professor in Mathematical Finance (EWI2019-81)
PhD in the Computer Graphics and Visualization Group (EWI2019-84)
PhD candidate in Social Robotics (EWI2019-86)
PhD position in Analysis of PDEs (EWI2019-87)
Post-doc Researcher: Mining Internet Payment Development Logs for Reliability & Security (EWI2019-88)
Postdoctoral researcher Design for Sustainability, ENRGISED (ATIO 0796)
Assistant/Associate Professor (tenure track) Designing and Evaluating Energy Behaviour Interventions (ATIO 0798)
PhD: Bio-based plastics for sustainable industrial design (ATIO 0800)
PhD: Advanced upper extremity orthoses for functional support of patients with muscle weakness (3mE19-103)
PhD: Machine-learning-based classification and control for cleaning coastal waters using autonomous vehicles (3mE19-105)
Phd: Light-assisted 3D manufacturing of neuronal microenvironments (3mE19-107)
Assistant/Associate Professor in Optimal Control of Thermofluids Networks (3mE19-43)
Computational biomechanist/software scientist (3mE19-77)
Assistant/Associate Professor Networked Cyber-Physical Systems (3mE19-82)
Postdoc: Privacy-preserving algorithms for robot motion planning (3mE19-87)
PhD: Plasticity of high-strength steels in structures (3mE19-90)
PhD position: Exploring new machine learning and optimization approaches for materials science (3mE19-91)
Post-doc position Multiscale computational modelling of knee biomechanics (3me19-108)
Doctoral Researcher Future Electricity Markets (ATTBM 19.033)
Three research positions for building a process-based model of a petrochemical industrial park (ATTBM 19.034)
Postdoc position Understanding the future costs of low carbon technologies (ATTBM 19.035)
Postdoc on Resilience of Urban Infrastructure Networks (ATTBM 19.037)
4TU.ResearchData Community Manager (AT/UD/TUDL/2019-10)
Postdoc positions on Convergence for Health and Technology projects (EWI2019-89)

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