85 Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

Postdoc position at the Biomimetics, Biocarriers and Bioimplants group
Postdoc in Novel Technologies to Improve of Tumor-Targeting T Cell Therapies
PhD scholarship in Robust Sensor Integration in Connected Devices
Industrial PhD position within freeform injection molding of advanced ceramics
Senior Automation Engineer
Lead Automation Laboratory Technician/Assistant
Software Engineer(s)
PhD scholarship in Radiopharmaceutical Drug Delivery
Postdoc in Aero-hydro-elastic Modelling of Offshore Wind Turbines
PhD in Offshore wind resource at deep sea applying satellite data and numerical modelling
Postdoc position in Numerical Modelling of Fracture Growth
PhD position in Studying Energy Storage using Rankine batteries
Senior Researcher in Space Instrumentation and Modelling
Development Engineer for Wind Turbine and Plant Simulation Applications
PhD scholarship in Data-Driven Security and Optimization of AC and HVDC Grids
Software Development Engineer for Structural Applications
PhD projects in Physics
PhD Project in Geometric Machine Learning
Lab Technician in Radioecology and Tracer Studies
Postdoc in Operational Representation Learning
PhD Scholarships in T Cell Recognition of Neoantigens
PhD scholarship in Development of an Electrochemical SO2 Sensor
Associate/Assistant Professor in Quantitative Sustainability Assessment
PhD scholarship in Development of Eco-friendly Bio-packaging from Food Byproducts
Postdoc in Corrosion in Oil and Gas
PhD scholarship in AR/VR Interface Design for Rehabilitation by Exoskeleton
Postdoc for Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia
Analytical Chemist
Postdoc or Research Assistant within the area of Rock Mechanics
Data Scientist
Project Manager for European Scale-up project at DTU Skylab
PhD scholarship in Medium and High Entropy Alloys with Tailored Strength and Ductility
Post-Doc in Digital-twin Patient System Modelling for Rehabilitation by Exoskeleton
Staff Specialist for Biotech Project
PhD scholarship in Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency in Silicon Crystal Growth Production with Digital Manufacturing Technologies
Research Assistant for Biotech Project
Associate or Assistant Professor in Coatings Science and Technology – Formulation Engineering (readvertisement)
PhD Scholarship in Optical remote sensing lidar in wind tunnels
HVAC Engineer (assistant/associate professor) – teaching, supervision and development projects — Installationsingeniør (adjunkt/lektor) – undervisning, vejledning og udviklingsprojekter
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
PhD Project in Algorithms for Adaptive Compressed Computation
Economist with econometric and coding skills
PhD Fellow in Galaxy Formation and Evolution at the Cosmic Dawn Center
PhD position in Molecular Infection Biology
Software engineer to work on ATHENA AIB
Postdoc in High-throughput Coding for Optical Communication
Postdoc in Power-to-chemicals
PhD position in 3D Printing of Functional Materials
Postdoc in Energy Economics and Policy
Analytical Chemistry Technician
PhD position in Dual Energy CT and PET/CT Hypoxia Image Registration
Research Assistant in Energy Economics and Systems Modelling
Pilot Plant Technician
PhD scholarship in Formulation of Drug Delivery Systems for Antibiotics
Postdoc in Quantum Optics of Structures with Extreme Dielectric Confinement
PhD scholarship in Design and Fiber Fabrication of Neural Devices
Postdoc in Electrofuels for sustainable transportation – cost assessment and system optimisation
Associate/Assistant Professor in Cryptology
Postdoc in Measures of Cochlear Synaptopathy in Humans
PhD scholarship in Measures and Computational Models of Amplitude Modulation Processing and Perception in Hearing-Impaired Listeners
Postdoc in Cyber-resilient Navigation for Autonomous Ships
PhD scholarship in Redox Flow Batteries
PhD Scholarship in Fisheries Technology/Engineering
PhD scholarship in Design and Simulations of Quantum Light Sources
Three postdoc positions in computational chemistry and machine learning for molecular science
PhD scholarship in Organometallic Catalysis for Sustainability
PhD scholarship in Development of Nanostructured Magnetic Materials for High-Frequency Power Electronics
Postdoc in Analytics and Data-driven Approaches in Electricity markets
PhD Scholarship in Analytics and Game-theoretical Aspects of Electricity Markets
PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning-based Weed Detection for Agricultural Robotics
PhD scholarship in Ultra-Low-Threshold Frequency Comb Generation in AlGaAs-on-Insulator Platform
PhD scholarship in Planar Integrated AlGaAs-on-Insulator Circuits for on-chip Quantum Information Processing
Phd project; Nano-suspension Based Redox Flow Batteries
PhD scholarships for a new research field in Nanophotonics: Extreme Dielectric Confinement of Light
Scientific Coordinator to new research center
Postdoc in Evaluation of Modelling Scenarios for Electrolyte Thermodynamics
PhD scholarship in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells – SOECs
Postdoc in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
Postdoc in Phonon Photography
PhD position in Electrochemical, compositional and crystallographic analysis of solid oxide cells inside a transmission electron microscope
PhD scholarships in Nanolaser Physics and Integrated Photonics
PhD Scholarship in Enzymatic Biomass Conversion using Single-Molecule Optical Microscopy
Professor in Chemistry of Sustainable and Healthy Foods
Postdoc in Goal-Oriented Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems
PhD Project in Goal-Oriented Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems

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