63 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Postdoc in new fuel cell catalyst materials from model electrodes
PhD student position in electrochemical alloy formation for mercury decontamination
Two PhD Student Positions on Beyond 5G/6G within EU MSCA-ITN-ETN SEMANTIC
PhD student position in Multi-antenna Systems for Beyond 5G and 6G
Postdoc in Computational Metabolomics
Postdoc position in conversion of forest-based materials
Postdoc position in Resilient and Secure Delay-critical Edge Computing
PhD student position in Enzymatic hydrolysisi
Postdoc position – Designing everyday energy resilience
PhD student position in Machine Learning for Data from Political Science
Research assistant in data science and machine learning
PhD student position in Catalytic production of bio-fuels from forrest residues
Postdoc position in cellulose networks from sustainable alkaline solutions
PhD student in CFD for design, optimization & FSI of low-head pump-turbines
Postdoctoral position in yeast cell factory design and production of biochemicals
Postdoctoral position in galaxy formation and evolution
Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning Driven Air Flow Control for Reduced Drag of Ships
Postdoc in Quantum-enhanced sensing with cavity optomechanical devices
PhD student position in conversion of forest-based waste products using photolysis
PhD student position in machine intelligence for quantitative biology
Postdoc position in renewable fuel production using catalysis
PhD student in future marine fuels and propulsion systems
Postdoc in Ultrafast Plasmonic Hydrogen Sensors
Postdoc in optical diagnostics for UREA SCR
PhD student position in Reduced Order Modelling of nuclear reactors during load follow
PhD student position in Hybrid neutron transport calculations applied to nuclear reactor
Senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics (data science)
PhD student position in Macroscopic quantum experiments with magnetically levitated, micrometer-sized superconductors
PhD student position in Quantum-enhanced sensing with cavity optomechanical systems in the non-linear regime
Postdoctoral Researcher in Gender and the Built Environment
Postdoctoral position in Multi-antenna Systems for Beyond 5G and 6G
Postdoctoral position: Electrolyte Multi-scale Modelling
PhD student position in Physics focusing on Experimental Nanophotonics
Experimental PhD position in quantum information processing with bosonic modes
Assistant Professor in mathematical foundations and Theoretical Computer Science for AI (tenure track)
PhD position in microscopic modeling of Moire exciton physics
PhD student position in quantum thermodynamics / quantum transport
UNITECH – Secretary General Position
PhD positions in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Postdoctoral position in Advanced Characterization of Steels
PhD student position in modeling of a superconducting quantum computer
Postdoctoral position in molecular biology/microbiology working on biodegradation of plastics
Postdoctoral position in environmentally sustainable food systems
PhD student position in Materials Physics
PhD student position in Machine Learning
Postdoctoral Position in 5G and Beyond 5G Localization
Postdoctoral position in development of acoustic levitation for NMR applications
Postdoctoral researcher in interpretable systems for human-machine interaction
PhD student position in integrated photonics for second-order nonlinear optics
Postdoctoral position in integrated photonics for second-order nonlinear optics
PhD student position in Concrete Structures
PhD student position in quantum optics with giant atoms
PhD position in Andreev quantum bits: When spins go superconducting
Industrial PhD student position at Centiro
Assistant Professor in mathematics for AI (tenure track)
Excellence PhD positions at Excellence Initiative Nano
Two PhD student positions in Machine Learning – Decision Making and Healthcare
PhD student position in High-Entropy Alloys
PhD student position in Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology
Postdoctoral position in Terahertz instrumentation
Associate Professor in Environmental systems analysis
Associate Professor in Multiphase Flow
Postdoctoral position in Study of the aerodynamics of an electric aircraft using Lattice-Bolzmann

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