53 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

PhD position `Nanomotor-based cell targeting and sorting┬┐ (m/v)
PhD student Digital Twinning for a Serious and Personalized Diabetes Game
PhD student: continuous improvement of machines through verified software update
PhD Channel emulation platform for system testing mm-wave mobile user scenarios
PhD Development of Quantitative, Depth-Sensitive Subsurface Nanoimaging
PhD-student in the field of Bubble Dynamics in Electrolysis
PhD position The Dutch Wadden Sea as an event-driven system
PhD position Calibrating Inclusive Sporting Encounters
PhD position: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Large-Scale Tunable Delays
PhD position Preparation of extremely thin nanolayers by atomic layer deposition
PhD position Stabilization of Crystal Hydrates for Thermal Energy Storage
PhD to research the development of advanced solid state transformers technology
PhD position in Dynamic Cell Materials Interactions
PhD Multi-physics modelling for improving design-time and energy-efficiency
PhD student on remote sleep monitoring
Phd positions on impact-aware robot manipulation
PostDoc researcher on photonic integrated circuits for LiDAR sensors
Postdoc: continuous improvement of machines through verified software updates
Postdoc position on the Pedagogy of Challenge-based learning
Postdoc Artificial intelligence for ultrasound imaging
Post-doc Protein engineering of bioluminescent sensors for POC diagnostics
Post-doctoral researcher on Healthy Generation
PostDoc position on Automotive Fuel Cell to Battery Power Interface
Post-doctoral researcher on new medium access control strategies
PhD student Visual Analytics for Plant Pangenomes
Postdoctoral researcher computational modeling for regenerative engineering
Full Professor in Statistics for Networks
Full-time Associate professor / professor position in Power Electronic Systems
Asst Professor System identification & process control for multi-physics systems
Assistant Professor in Philosophy
Assistant Professor Innovation Sciences (Tenure Track to Associate Professor)
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Information and Communication Theory
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Electrophysiological patient monitoring
Assistant Professor (1 fte) Multi-physics Dynamical System Design
Multiple positions Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Thermo Fluids Engineering
Assistant Professor within the Process Analytics group
Assistant/Associate/Full Professors Mechanics and Materials
University Level Teacher Data Science 0,8 – 1,0 fte
Professor Intelligent Power Grids (full-time)
Irene Curie Faculty Positions in the Department of Electrical Engineering
Assistant Professor in High-tech Multi-physics Systems & Control
(Associate) Prof Advanced Electromagnetics + Electromechanic Systems Engineering
(Associate) Professor in Probabilistic Signal and Information Processing
Assistant Professor in Electronic Photonic Integration
Assistant Professor in Sensor Systems – Processing, Control and Design
Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor in Optical Wireless Convergent Networks and Systems
Assistant/associate/full professors in Dynamics, Decision and Control
2 Professor Positions for Female Candidates
Two Assistant Professor positions Data Security and IoT Security
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Sustainable Operations Management
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Operations Management
Associate/Full Professor Computational Methods for Complex Molecular Systems

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