64 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Aarhus University, Denmark

PhD Fellowship on Potato Domestication
PhD Fellowship on Carbon and nitrogen cycling in legume rhizospheres – elucidating the importance of small scale processes for soil fertility and carbon storage
PhD Fellowship on LCA on climate impacts of vegetable production
PhD Fellowship on System modelling of circular agriculture towards zero emissions
PhD Fellowship on Soil impact evaluation from using agricultural robots for complex arable operations
PhD Fellowship on  Agronomic, operational and sustainability performance of agricultural robots
PhD Fellowship on Assessment of broiler welfare
PhD Fellowship on ANIMAL CONTACT – an interdisciplinary project focusing on measuring behavioural, physiological and psychometric responses to contact with dogs
PhD Fellowship on Working with humans to target the challenges of antimicrobial resistance and reduce the usage of antimicrobials in pig and cattle production  
PhD Fellowship on  Exploring controls on seasonal timing of fish early life stages and the implications for fisheries production and climate change
PhD Fellowship on  Underlying physiological mechanisms of interactions between effects of exposure to contaminants and natural stressors
PhD Fellowship on  Linking individual and population level responses to combined effects of contaminants and natural stressors
PhD Fellowship on Computational Complexity of Equilibria and Fixed Points
PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program Verification
PhD Fellowships on Program Analysis and Testing
PhD Fellowships on Programming language design, analysis and verification
PhD Fellowships on Data Summarization, Representation, Search, and Analysis of (Medical) Knowledge Graphs
PhD Fellowships on Edge Intelligence for Time Critical IoT
PhD Fellowships on PhD Position in Photobiocatalytic Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Intermediates (PHOTOX-f)
PhD Fellowships on Profiling the degradation and toxicity of short-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
PhD Fellowships on Electrospun electroactive scaffolds for neural and cardiac tissue engineering
PhD Fellowships on Exploring natural and artificial biofilms of acetogenic bacteria to improve microbial electrosynthesis rates
PhD Fellowships on Programmable Synthesis of Designer Lipids and Phospholipids – Linking chemistry & physics with function and manufacture
PhD Fellowships on Mitigation of climate footprint and environmental impact of welfare pens for sows and piglets
PhD Fellowship on Biological Power-to-gas: Development of methanation technology for the production of electro-fuels from electricity and CO2
PhD Fellowship on Environmental Economics and Water Quality Management
PhD Fellowship on RE-EAT: The role of psychological stressors on food reward and eating behaviour
PhD Fellowship on HYDROsim – fast hydrological simulation utilizing machine learning and stochastic modelling
PhD Fellowship on Reconstructing the glacial history of NE Siberia based on cosmogenic nuclides
PhD Fellowship on Experimental petrology of mantle pyroxenite
PhD Fellowship on Formation and evolution of ancient continental lithosphere
PhD Fellowship on Green surfactants in detergent formulation: Interactions and synergies between surfactants and enzymes
GIS- & Remote Sensing data scientist at Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark
Postdoc in DNA’s role in the extracellular environment of bacterial biofilms
Professorship MSO (with special responsibilities) in coastal marine ecosystem modelling
Postdoc position in wildlife population modelling
Postdoc position: development and research with vocational education and training
Readvertisement: Postdoc position in single molecule magnetism, Aarhus University
Professorship in animal food production in circular bio-economy
Postdoc position in Health Services Research
Assistant Professor, Tenure Track or Post Doc in Economics and Business Economics
Assistant Professor of Immunology
Postdoc in Microbial Biotechnology: host-microbiome interactions in lignocellulose-degrading animals
Three year Post doc at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University
Associate professorship in social science drug and alcohol research
Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic surgery
Post-doc positions in Life Cycle Assessment of Agricultural Systems
Associate Professorship in Anthropology
Senior researcher with a background in marine biology or Arctic research and with strong leadership skills
Full Professor or Associate Professor in theoretical physics with focus on new quantum phenomena in solid state and nanoscale systems
Postdoc position in Environmental Economics
Postdoctoral position in the INNOAL research project
Professor in Social Science Drug and Alcohol Research
1-2 Associate or Assistant Professorships in Anthropology, Aarhus University
Postdoctoral Position in 3D magneto-hydrodynamical simulations and asteroseismology at Aarhus University
Senior Advisor/Senior Researcher/Tenure Track Researcher in Local-scale Atmospheric Modelling
Assistant Professor in Management (All fields / Tenure Track & Fixed Term Positions)
3-year postdoc position in environmental DNA analyses of biodiversity with strong focus on bioinformatics
Professors in Aquatic Ecology at Aarhus University, Denmark
Assistant professor or associate professor in the administration of public education
Postdoc in Neural/Cardiac tissue regeneration
Postdoctoral position in the “Dark Side of Commitment: Investigating how a Sense of Commitment can motivate and justify Corrupt Behaviour” research project
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in digital fabrication

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