64 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Doctoral student in Temporal Monitoring of Smart Contracts
Doctoral student in Systems biology of liver diseases
Doctoral student in simulation methods, improved treatment of heart disease
Doctoral student positions in Machine Learning over Networks
Research engineer in Building Energy Data Analysis
Postdoc in Architecture
Postdoc in combinatorics and artificial intelligence
Postdoc in theoretical quantum condensed matter
Researcher in High-Performance Computing
Postdoc in topological data analysis
Postdoc in Smart Edge Computing
Doctoral students in Networked Systems Security
Doctoral students in mathematics
Postdoc in complexity theory
Postdoc in Cyber security: Threat modeling and attack simulations
Doctoral student in spatial analysis of demand of blue light-services
Postdoc in High-Performance Visualization and Data Analysis
Postdoc in Applied Electrochemistry
Doctoral student in vehicle dynamics on remote operation of vehicles
Postdoc in analytic number theory or additive combinatorics
Doctoral student in spectroscopy of solar cells
Postdoc in Affinity Proteomics
Doctoral student in New materials from lignin
Doctoral student in Interaction design
Professor in Genomics
Professor in Processes for Fibre-based Materials from Forest Resources
Doctoral student in simulations of complex fluids flow over surfaces
Doctoral student in health care logistics
Associate Professor in Mathematics with spec. towards Mathematical Analysis
Postdoc in LES of high-temperature compressible flows
Doctoral student in Machine Learning in Computational Biology
Doctoral student in MEMS Microplasma based microwave and terahertz devices
Doctoral student in Biomedical flows
Doctoral student positions in Networked Systems
Doctoral students (licenciate) in Time-Critical Networked Systems
Doctoral student in Networked Systems – Programmable Internet Networks
Postdoc in biomedical flows
Postdoc in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
Postdoc in Machine Learning in Computational Biology
Postdoc in combinatorics and nonlinear algebra
Postdoc position on supernovae
Postdoc on high-fidelity simulations of turbulent wings
Doctoral student in Data Science,Machine Learning: application to Transport
Doctoral student in machine learning for synthesis of speech and motion
Doctoral student in machine learning for social robotics
Technician of combustion engine laboratories
Postdoc in Energy efficient driving – tyre wear estimation and optimization
Development manager at NGI Stockholm, KTH
Doctoral student in Critical Design of Drones: Ethics and Movement
Doctoral student in Critical Analysis of Drones: Ethics & Movement
Engineer of combustion engine laboratories
Postdoc in Analytical Chemistry – Wearable Chemical Sensing
Postdoc in optimization for machine learning
Postdoctor in Modeling and Control of Metabolic Networks for Bioproduction
Postdoc in number theory
Lecturer in in Engineering English
Doctoral student in transaminase-catalyzed synthesis routes from renewables
Postdoc in CFD models for cooling of hairpin windings
Assistant professor in Electrical Engineering, Sust. Electric Power Systems
Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems with spec. in Machine Learning
Postdocs in Network Security
Postdoc in Networked Systems

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