29 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The University of Groningen, Netherlands

15 PhD positions on Neuromorphic Systems and Materials in the EU network MANIC
2-Year Postdoc Positions Kant and/or Kantian Ethics (2.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Environmental Planning (0.8-1.0 FTE)
Associate or Full professor in Geo Energy (1.0 FTE)
Fellowship Energy & Sustainability Research with Marine Biology Teaching
Full Professor Child and Family Welfare (1.0 FTE)
IT Traineeship at the Center for Information Technology (5.0 FTE)
PhD Climate Resilience Delta Areas Supported by Responsible Data Infrastructures
PhD position Circular Economy and Strategy (1.0 FTE)
PhD position in Economics and Business (10.0 FTE)
PhD position in Groningen Cognitive Systems and Materials Center (1.0 FTE)
PhD position in Single Molecule Biochemistry and Biophysics (2.0 FTE)
PhD position Life Cell STED Nanoscopy (1.0 FTE)
PhD position Multiscale information integration in neuromorphic computing
PhD position Optimization within the Energy Transition (2.0 FTE)
PhD position Study on Wellbeing of migrant Children in the Netherlands (1.0 FTE)
PhD position Theory of neuromorphic computing (1.0 FTE)
Post-doc Human ex vivo model to study nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (1.0 FTE)
Post-doc in History of Philosophy (1.0 FTE)
Post-doc Mass spectrometry for nuclear physics studies (1.0 FTE)
Post-doc Measurement and Economics of Structural Transformation (1.0 FTE)
Post-doc Multiscale information integration in neuromorphic computing
Post-doc on Collaboration for Social Innovation (1.0 FTE)
Post-Doc Researcher Behavioral Profiling (Data Analyst / Data Scientist) 1.0 FTE
Post-doc Theory of neuromorphic computing (1.0 FTE)
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Genetics & Genomics (1.0 FTE)
Projects Assistant (0.6 FTE)
Research Technician for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell systems Laboratory (1.0 FTE)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Marketing (0.8-1.0 FTE)

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