55 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

PhD on Nanoporous microparticles for corrosion control (LR19.32)
PhD Towards climate friendly flight: understanding the underlying chemistry and physics of the climate effects of aviation (LR19.44)
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.45)
Lecturer Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.46)
PDEng Traineeship in Process & Equipment (TNW CE 19-055)
PDEng Traineeship in Chemical Product Design (TNW CE 19-057)
Postdoc in Surface chemistry and molecular biology for DNA replication (TNWBN19-059)
Postdoc position in Single-molecule studies of chromatin replication (TNWBN19-060)
Postdoc : Biophysical studies at the interface with artificial lipid membranes (TNWBN19-079)
Programmer & Scientific Data Analyst (TNWBN19-081)
PDEng Trainee Designer in Bioprocess Engineering (TNWBT19-056)
Three Assistant Professor (tenure track) positions in Biotechnology, TU Delft (TNWBT19-071)
Postdoc for computational studies on excitons and charge carriers in ultrathin 2D materials (TNWCE20-004)
Postdoc on System Analysis for Solar-driven CO2 Electrolysis (TNWCE20-005)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position at Department of Imaging Physics (TNWIP19-035)
PhD on Fast volumetric ultrasound imaging of acoustic biomolecules (TNWIP19-074)
PhD on Biomolecular ultrasound sensors (TNWIP19-075)
PhD High speed 3D optical imaging (TNWIP20-002)
PhD position Neutron Tomography on Cultural Heritage (TNWRST20-003)
PhD Regionale woningmarkten (BK2019/44)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Urban Studies (BK2019/40)
Assistant Professor of Design and Construction Management (Digital Innovation) (BK2019/42)
Assistant Professor of Design and Construction Management (Business Model Innovation) (BK2019/43)
PhD candidate – Contactless position control of wind turbines during the installation (CITG20.04)
Part-Time Professor Construction Technology Of Civil Engineering Structures (CiTG 19.64)
Assistant professor/ tenure track Transdisciplinary Design of Infrastructures in the Environment (CiTG 19.68)
PhD in Railway Transition Zones (CiTG19.16)
Postdoc Measuring Oil and Gas Emissions from Space (CiTG19.61)
Post-doctoral researcher in physical modelling of cyclic soil-monopile interaction (CiTG19.76)
Postdoc in the Distributed Systems Group (EWI2019-50)
PhD Student in Programming Language Engineering (EWI2019-61)
PhD student in Intelligent virtual agent for health coaching (EWI2019-76)
Postdoc in Quantum Computer Simulation Technologies (EWI2019-80)
Full Professor in Mathematical Finance (EWI2019-81)
PhD in the Computer Graphics and Visualization Group (EWI2019-84)
PhD candidate in Social Robotics (EWI2019-86)
PhD position in Analysis of PDEs (EWI2019-87)
PhD position Artificial Intelligence (EWI2019-90)
Assistant or Associate Professor in Social Robotics (EWI2019-91)
PhD – Learning algorithms for drug target prediction (EWI2019-92)
PhD Student in Theory and Implementation of Dependently Typed Programming Languages (EWI2020-01)
Pro-actieve secretaresse (m/v) (ATIO 0764)
Post-doc: 3D Printing for Repair (3DP4R) (ATIO 0802)
PhD: Machine-learning-based classification and control for cleaning coastal waters using autonomous vehicles (3mE19-105)
PhD Positions in Computational Analysis for Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Multi-modal Molecular Imaging (3mE19-110)
Postdoc: Safe Reinforcement Learning for Motion Planning: Simulator (3mE19-111)
Postdoc: Safe Reinforcement Learning for Motion Planning: Theory (3mE19-112)
PhD – integration and experimental analysis of low-head hydro power and storage (3mE20-01)
Faculty Technology, Policy and Management
Postdoc on Logistics optimization and freight traffic management (ATTBM 19.036)
Postdoc on Resilience of Urban Infrastructure Networks (ATTBM 19.037)
Program Manager/Lead Research Officer “Urban Energy Transition Atelier” (ATTBM 19.038)
Postdoc on on-demand logistics (ATTBM 20.001)
Assistant Professor in Energy Systems (Tenure Track) (ATTBM 20.003)
Postdoc positions on Convergence for Health and Technology projects (EWI2019-89)

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