62 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Aarhus University, Denmark

Postdoc position – Metabolic physiology of Reptiles
Postdoctoral Position in 3D magneto-hydrodynamical simulations and asteroseismology at Aarhus University
Postdoc in Millimeter-Wave Nano-Scale CMOS Circuits for Quantum Computing
Postdoc in Adjustable Autonomy and Digital Twins
Senior Advisor/Senior Researcher/Tenure Track Researcher in Local-scale Atmospheric Modelling
Postdoc in Bacteria-Cancer Interface
Assistant Professor in Management (All fields / Tenure Track & Fixed Term Positions)
PhD special call: An investigation of the role of the motoric system in emotions
PhD General Call Aarhus BSS
Postdoc in Reptilian Comparative and Regenerative Physiology
Assistant Professor in computational genetics at iPSYCH
Teaching Associate Professorship in Arabic
Research Assistant in RNA biology
Postdoc position in electrocatalysis
3-year postdoc position in environmental DNA analyses of biodiversity with strong focus on bioinformatics
Associate Professor of Contemporary Latin American and Spanish Culture, Media and Society 2716
Student developer Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus
Research assistant for game-based creativity studies
Postdoc in Microbial ecology / Aero-microbiology
Postdoc in Micromagnetics
Postdoc position in Integrated Quantum Optics
Professors in Aquatic Ecology at Aarhus University, Denmark
Assistant professor or associate professor in the administration of public education
Professor in the chemistry of biological materials
Academic position in microbial bioinformatics at the Section for Microbiology at Aarhus University, Denmark
Professor in the medicinal chemistry of prodrug development
2-yr postdoc on “Feral horses and cattle as keystone animals for ecosystem restoration”
2-yr postdoc on “Global analyses of climate-change impacts on ecosystems linking remote sensing and macroecology”
Professorships in Economics
Expected start: 1 Sep 2020Full-time position
Professor in Experimental Surface and Interface Science at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), Aarhus University
Professor of French Culture and French Intercultural Communication – 2708
Two Postdocs in Computational Empowerment for Emerging Technologies in Education 2825
Postdoc position in CRISPR and scRNA sequencing
Postdoctoral fellowship (-s) at DATALAB – Center for Digital Social Research 2770
Research assistant, Communication Technology in Biological Production
Postdoc positions in HIV cure research
3-Year postdoc position within metabolomics and advanced data analysis
Associate professor or full professor in mathematics education as leader of the National Centre for Development of Mathematics Education (NCUM)
Post-doctoral scientist Epidemiology
Postdoctoral Positions in Medieval and/or Early Modern Irish Literature – 2679
Two-Year Postdoc Position: Gods, Games, and the Socioecological Landscape
Postdoc in Neural/Cardiac tissue regeneration
Laboratory Scientist
Postdoc in Biomolecular Drug Designs
Researcher Position in Ecological effects of Arctic Freshening
Assistant Professorship with tenure track in Autobiographical Memory and Consumer Psychology
Assistant Professorship in Sustainability and Environmental Psychology
Postdoctoral position in Business Ethics and Psychology
Postdoc in New Breeding Techniques for Re-domestication of Barley
Postdoctoral position in the “Dark Side of Commitment: Investigating how a Sense of Commitment can motivate and justify Corrupt Behaviour” research project
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in digital fabrication
Postdoc in Intercultural Danish-German Communication 2721
Postdoc/Assistant professorship at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University
Tenure track Assistant Professor/Associate Professor in Environmental Remote Sensing
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Megafauna Ecology & Restoration
Assistant/associate professorship(s) in engineering management
Associate or Assistant Professorship (tenure track) in Environmental Sensor Technology at Aarhus University
Postdoc/Assistant professor position within the research project “A Sense of Belonging: Cultural Copying as a Basis for Group Rights?” at Department of Political Science
Associate Professor in theoretical cosmology with focus on numerical studies of the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, and the early Universe

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