41 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Wageningen University & Research , Netherlands

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Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Biophysics
Postdoc control and decision support in greenhouse cultivation
PhD Student Physical/Analytical Chemistry
Researcher Food Physics
Junior Scientist with expertise in bioinformatics
PhD candidate coastal sediment tracing using luminescence dating
Assistant/Associate Professor Adaptive Water Management / Climate Adaptation
Researcher and Project Leader on Food Supply Chains
Assistant professor luminescence dating for soil, sediment and landscape dynamics (tenure-track)
Associate Professor Applied Statistics (Tenure Track)
Two assistant professors soil geography and land use (tenure-track)
PhD in Peptide Chemistry
PhD Measuring and modelling the effects of soil management on peat subsidence and emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide
Post-doc on Machine learning for Digital Future Farm Twins
Research Project Leader
Three PhD Positions in Global Epistemologies and Ontologies
Two Postdoc positions in Global Epistemologies and Ontologies
Assistant Professor in plant ecology and nature conservation
Postdoc Solar Research Program
Senior lecturer Cell Biology & Immunology
Tenure Track position ‘Application of sensor technology in farm animals’
Research and education assistant Modelling and Experimentation of physiology of crops in horticulture
Professor and Chair to lead the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (FNP) (0.8-1.0 fte)
Assistant Professor in Environmental Systems Analysis (Tenure Track)
Software Engineer @ Team Earth Informatics
PhD student with special interest in virology
Postdoc learning in extracurricular challenges
Postdoc seed physiologist
Associate professor or assistant professor in landscape architecture (tenure track)
PhD Student – Lettuce Pangenomics
PhD position Improving fertilising properties and reduction of emissions from dairy excrements by novel manure management strategies
PhD position in the Development and assessment of new and rapid analyses and test procedures of bio-based fertilisers.
Postdoc in plant growth modelling
PhD candidate Modelling the effects of bio-based fertiliser use on surface water pollution at catchment & EU scales (1.0 fte)
PhD impact of antibiotics residue on soil microbiology and nitrogen cycling
PhD Peatland vegetation patterns: indicators for peatland functioning in a changing climate?
PhD candidate TTW project Understanding Fruitfull gene functions in crops
PhD Sublethal effects of psychotropics on aquatic species, populations and ecosystems, how relevant are subtle effects for real-world ecosystems?
PhD Position: Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies
Professor and Chair of Environmental Systems Analysis
Researcher in aquaculture

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