45 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

PhD Position in Experimental Quantum Plasmonics
PhD Positions to Study Adipocyte and Hepatic Cellular Plasticity Using Advanced Functional Genomics
PhD Position to Explore Solutions to Mitigate Climate Change
PhD Position in Long Noncoding RNA and Metabolic Diseases in an ERC and DDA Funded Research Group
PhD Scholarship for Research Project “The Politics of Insecurity”
PhD Positions in Quantum Mathematics
Readvertisement – PhD positions on the material constraints of the energy and climate transition
PhD Fellowship on Designing for computational thinking with computational things within higher education
PhD position in Property-based Testing for Industry 4.0
PhD position in Computer Science for Industry 4.0
Reannouncement – PhD scholarship at the Department of Business and Economics
PhD position in Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things within Industry 4.0
Associate professorship in Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy
Postdoc in Power Capacitors
Assistant / Associate Professor in Product Development and Design Engineering
Assistant / Associate Professor in Product Development, innovation and industry collaboration
Associate Professor for “Sustainable polymer thin films and devices”
Postdoc in Sustainable Design and Production
Deputy Head of Section Electrical Engineering at SDU
Postdoctoral Position in Stem Cell Biology and Single-cell Genomics
Research Assistant: Bioinformatics and Machine Learning for Single-cell Genomics
READVERTISEMENT Postdoc in Audiology
Two 2-year postdoctoral positions in the MOBILIZE project
Postdoctoral Positions to Study Adipose and Hepatic Tissue Plasticity Using Advanced Functional Genomics
Associate Professor in Design Studies
Associate Professorship in Media Science
Associate Professor in Computer Vision and Geometry Processing
Postdoc in Computer Vision Systems
Research assistants with potential to develop research topic for PhD at the Demography Unit of the Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics (CPop)
Associate Professor in Neurobiology
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Social Anthropology or Sociology for Research Project “The Politics of Insecurity”
Associate Professorship in Innovation Management or Project Management within the Centre for Integrative Innovation Management.
A number of vacant assistant professorships in Public Law at the Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark
Postdoc in Circular Supply Chain 4.0 and Sustainable Development Goals
Readvertisement – PhD positions on the material constraints of the energy and climate transition
Associate Professor in Marine Microbial Ecology
Postdoc positions in Modelling and Simulation for Robotics
Postdoc in the area of World Literature: Genre Fiction, Global Crises, and the Future
Research Assistants at the Department of Marketing & Management
Postdoctoral Researcher in Medicinal Bioinorganic Chemistry
Professor in Design Studies
Professor in Humanistic Information Studies
Professor with special responsibilities in Human Resource Management
Associate Professorships, Centre for Journalism
D-IAS Assistant Professor in Public Policy and/or Welfare State Research

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