36 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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Doctoral student in Solid Mechanics focusing on corrosion fatigue
Doctoral students in Topology, Geometry and Reinforcement learning
Postdoc in optimal scheduling of hydro power with multiple owners
Doctoral student in Machine Learning for Underwater Robot navigation
Doctoral student in modelling of the mechanics of sintering
Assistant professor in sustainable production logistics
Associate Professor in Fibre Technology
Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems – Cooperative Autonomous Systems
Doctoral student in power electronics
Postdoc in Glycoscience
Computer Hall Manager
Researcher in theoretical modelling of mechanical properties
Doctoral student in additive manufacturing/bioprocess industry
Assistant professor in Industrial Economics with spec. on Project Managment
Postdoc in space research with the UV-detector Mini-EUSO on ISS
Postdoc in Materials design for green energy storage
Doctoral student in Reliable Networked Control and Learning Systems
Postdoc in Biosensing
Postdoc position in Electrochemiluminescence and Optical sensing
Doctoral student in mathematics
Postdoc in Architecture: Applied Urban Design
Doctoral student in Data Representation and Machine Learning over Networks
Doctoral student in functional modelling for vehicle conceptualisation
Doctoral student in Quantum Technology
Postdoctoral researcher in enzyme discovery and biomaterials development
Postdocs in Network Security
Doctoral student in e-drive component design
Doctoral student in Experimental nuclear physics
Postdoc in Smart Edge Computing
Doctoral student in wood-based biocatalysis with a polymer focus
Assistant Professor in Interaction Design
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Assistant professor in Naval Architecture
Researcher in mathematics

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