99 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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ETH Zurich – Where the Future Begins! As one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences, ETH Zurich is well-known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for implementing its results directly into practice. 

Research Assistant – Project ETH Talent
PhD Student in Agricultural Economics
Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Interfacial Phenomena, Surface Science and Engineering, and Energy Applications
Scientific Assistant – Polymer Processing with the option for a PhD thesis at ETH Zurich
Senior Network Engineer (w/m)
Internship – Build-up of a simulation software for abrasive processes
Postdoctoral researcher in experimental fluid dynamics
PhD position – Electric discharge drilling and electrochemical machining
PhD student position in experimental fluid dynamics
Open position as Software Developer
Postdoc im Bereich Consumer Behavior / Konsumentenverhalten
PhD position on all-solid-state Li-ion batteries
PhD position on “Acoustic metamaterials for suppressing thermoacoustic instabilities”
Postdoctoral or Researcher Position in Buildings and Embedded/IoT Systems:
Data Scientist & Geospatial Programmer
3-year Ph.D. project in the Atmospheric Circulation
Scientific Collaborator to improve and optimise our operational Numerical Weather Forecasts for Nowcasting
1 full-time PhD position in Landscape and Urban Studies, starting on October 1, 2020
Research Software Engineer for microbiome research
Flow Cytometry Operator / Expert (m/f)
Experimental Research on Innovation and Intellectual Property: Postdoc, PhD student, or Research Fellow
Teaching assistant-Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering
Postdoc or PhD position in Computational Social Science
PhD candidate for developing, modelling and optimising new concepts for ultra-fast, high-power pulse Generators
Scientific teaching staff with software focus / Postdoc Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher in Deep Learning for Time Series
Postdoc position in revealing hidden magnetoelectric toroidal order using Compton scattering
PhD position: Modelling, identification and feedback control in uncertain interacting environments
PhD Student – Advanced Theranostics
Doctoral Student in Environmental Politics
Teaching Assistant – General Chemistry 1, Organic / Allgemeine Chemie 1, Organischer Teil
Doctoral student – Emerging Technologies for Bacterial Spore Control
PhD Position: Silicon Carbide Power Electronics
Post-Doctoral Researcher – Evaluating Food Systems Sustainability
PhD position in applied data analytics
PhD position in healthcare analytics
Post doc in information systems
Post-Doctoral Position: Probabilistic state estimation and prediction models for railway operations
PhD Position on ‘Linking Locus Coeruleus function to sleep, task performance and autonomic control in humans’
PhD Researcher in International and Labour Economics
PhD/Postdoc Opening in Engineering Dedicated Microfluidic in-vitro Barrier Model Systems for Bacterial Lung and Bladder Infections
Postdoctoral Researcher in Production and Operations Management
PhD position – Process simulation electric discharge machining
Postdoctoral Position – “NutriExhalomics”
Postdoc-Stelle – “NutriExhalomics”
PhD position – AI Machine learning for electric discharge machining
Postdoc position on “SmartShunt – Novel monitoring and adaptive CSF shunt system for hydrocephalus patients”
Post-doctoral Researcher in Sociology or Economics
PhD Position in the Laboratory of Toxicology
Doctoral Thesis in Advanced Manufacturing – Towards a closed loop control in additive manufacturing
C++ Performance Developer
Electrical/FPGA Design Engineer
Open PhD Positions in Engineering Design and Computing
Quality Control Manager
Two PhD positions in Laboratory Seismology
Postdoctoral position on “Microfluidics for the study of microbiomes”
Engineer at the interface of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (initially limited to 1 year, with the possibility of permanent employment)
Senior Windows Systems Engineer (w/m)
Postdoctoral Position in Agricultural Economics
PhD position in Systems Security
Postdoc – development and applications of direct in vivo CRISPR screening
Senior Assistant Position in Nanoscale Spectroscopy
Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Quantum Sensing – Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
right arrow icon,right arrow icon Senior Software Engineer (w/m)
System Engineer / System Administrator for ETH Biomedical Research IT Platform Leonhard Med
System Engineer / Linux System Administrator with focus on operational infrastructure and service operation
Junior Researcher in Deep Learning and NLP
Postdoctoral Position, Membrane Nanoscience
PhD Position – ROSE: Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy Systems (RESPONSE DP, ESR 09)
PhD Position – Developing climate ready apple production systems in Switzerland (RESPONSE DP, ESR 11)
PhD Position – Towards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development (RESPONSE DP, ESR 13)
Scientific Programmer / 2nd-level IT Supporter
PhD Position – Engineering the Policy-Enabled Transition to Sustainable Multi-Energy Microgrids (RESPONSE DP, ESR 05)
Cloud architect / System engineer for ETH Biomedical Research IT Platform Leonhard Med
Postdoctoral Researcher – Computational Master-planning
Research Assistant – Cities Knowledge Graph
Software Developer / Postdoctoral Researcher – Planning Support System
UI/UX Specialist – Planning Support System
PhD Position – Quality-enhanced power semiconductor devices for reliable energy conversion (QEPSREC) (RESPONSE DP, ESR 10)
PhD Position – Exploitation of genomic resources to spike forage breeding programs (RESPONSE DP, ESR 12)
PhD Candidate – High-Density Urban Systems Resilience
Computational or Computer Scientist (m/f)
PhD position: design and manufacturing of multi-modal robots for tree canopy exploration
Bioinformatician / computational biologist: data modelling and analysis
Postdoctoral position on “Microbial behavior in soil”
Postdoc – development and applications of living microbial diagnostics
Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Fellowship Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Postdoctoral researcher in experimental Particle Physics: Searching for Dark Matter in proton-proton collisions
PhD student in experimental Particle Physics: Searching for Dark Matter in proton-proton collisions
Research Assistant (PhD position) in Digital Mental Health
Research Assistant (PhD position) in Digital Lifestyle Coaching
Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Mental Health
Senior Scientist in Digital Lifestyle Coaching
Mechanical Engineer
Post doc in applied data science
Postdoctoral position in Structural Proteomics
Postdoctoral position in Structural Bioinformatics
Postdoctoral Position – Phenomics of Plant Disease

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