59 Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

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The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, 12 km. north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

Software Engineer with C++ and Python skills
Professor in Operations Research
Industrial PhD Scholarship in Investment Models for Flexibility Trading in Renewable Energy
PhD scholarship in Humidity Effects on Electronics
PhD scholarship in Development of Digital Twins in Water Treatment Systems
PhD projects in Physics
PhD scholarship in Coded Ultrasound Imaging
Postdoc in Additive Manufacturing of 3D Carbon Electrodes for Energy Storage
PhD scholarship in Coastal Transport of Microplastic Particles
PhD project in Physics of Quantum Nanomechanics
PhD scholarship in Digital Transformation of Catalyst Manufacturing powered by AI
PhD scholarship on Multi-Qubit Quantum Photonic Devices
PhD scholarship in CMOS Compatible and Ultrabroad on-chip SiC Frequency comb (SiComb)
PhD scholarship on Optomechanics with Quantum Emitters
Professor in Electron Microscopy of Dynamical Processes
Professor in Carbon-based Micro Electro Mechanical Systems—Carbon MEMS
Professor in Nanotechnological Systems for in situ Electron Microscopy Applications
Professor in Nanostructured Polymer Surfaces
Two Postdoc positions in Synthetic Metabolism and Advanced Biochemistry
PhD scholarship in Neutronics

Postdoc for NNF Exploratory Synergy Project: A Wearable AI Feedback Tool for OCD Treatment and Research
Postdoc in Sound field Reconstruction in Rooms
PhD scholarship in Identification and Mitigation of Instability in Low Inertia Systems by Large Renewable Power Plants
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Science and Technology Studies
Professor in Rotor Aerodynamics for Wind Turbines
Professor in Aero-Acoustics in Wind Energy
PhD scholarship in Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Extrusion 4.0
Postdoc in Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation
PhD project: Multi-phase Modeling of Electrolyte Systems
Postdoc in Development of Metal-air batteries
Postdoc in Synthesis and Solid-State storage of Ammonia
PhD Scholarship in Targeting cholesterol biosynthesis and trafficking through specific protein degradation
PhD Scholarships in Supramolecular and Bioorganic Chemistry
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning and Optimization for Distribution-Level Flexibility Markets
PhD Project in Ocean Photonics
Postdoc in CMOS Compatible and Ultrabroad on-chip SiC Frequency Comb (SiComb)
Postdoc in Stable Soliton Comb Generation in Planar Integrated Microresonators
PhD scholarship in enzymatic conversion of red blood cell antigens to the universal type blood group O
Professor in Bioinformatics with a focus on Immunology

PhD project on Machine Learning for Dynamic Complex Network Analysis
Postdoc in Bias and Fairness
PhD Project in Representations of Social Behavior
PhD scholarship in Homogeneous Catalysis
Experimental Surface Science Postdoc: Combined Surface Science and Catalysis Investigation
Postdoc in Monitoring oil components in produced water by advanced fluorescence signal interpretation
PhD position in disinfection and biofilm activity in RAS
PhD scholarship in Light Engines for Vat Photopolymerisation Systems
PhD scholarship in Water Management and City Development as a response to rising sea levels
PhD Project in Deep Generative Models and Missing Data
Postdoc in analytical chemistry – trace elements in novel marine food resources
Postdoc in Supramolecular Chemistry
Postdoc in High-Performance Optical Transmission Systems
Senior Researcher (co-principle investigator) in Bacterial Synthetic Biology
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor(s) or Associate Professor(s) in Transport Economics, Transport Psychology or Transport Modelling
Professor in Quantitative Sustainability Assessment
PhD scholarships in Semiconductor Nanostructures for Extreme Dielectric Confinement of Light
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning Techniques for Communication over the Fiber-Optic Channel
Industrial PhD scholarship in Microchip Inlets for Mass Spectrometry

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