At KTH you will have the opportunity of bringing life to your ideas and, at the same time, contributing to tomorrow’s society. Whatever position you have, you can take a lot of personal responsibility in a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship.

Doctoral student (lic) in damage modeling in asphalt caused by frost heaves
Postdoc in Analytical Chemistry – Wearable Chemical Sensing
Postdoc in Glycoscience
Assistant professor in Organic chemistry
Postdoc in Biosensing
Research Engineer SDA 1
Research Engineer SDA 2
Doctoral student in process metallurgy
Doctoral students in Deep Learning for Automatic Satellite Imagery Analysis
Postdoc in Cyber security: Threat modeling and attack simulations
Doctoral student in Remote Sensing & AI for Environmental Change Detection
Ph.D. student in Run-Time Reconfigurable FPGA Systems
Doctoral student in x-ray microscopy and nanofabrication
Doctoral student in methods for fuel cell performance prediction
Doctoral student in machine learning for conversational AI
Postdoc in Philosophy
Postdoc in Energy History
Postdoc in Remote Sensing & AI for Global Environmental Change Monitoring
Research engineer in Urban Remote Sensing and Environmental Impact Analysis

Doctoral students in Reactor Safety and Thermal Hydraulics
Doctoral students in Deformable Object Manipulation
Doctoral student in signal processing for next generation DNA sequencing
Doctoral student in modelling vehicle subsystem interdependencies
Postdoc in dynamic coupling of vehicle power losses and motion cooling
Assistant Professor in Environmental Physiology
Assistant professor in Biomedical Signal Processing
Associate Professor in Biomedical Signal Processing
Postdoktor med fokus på proteinproduktion
Postdocs in nuclear power safety
Research Engineer with focus on assembling hydro-climatic data
Forskningsingenjör inom cirkulär ekonomi
Post Doc in Machine Learning over Wireless Networks
Assistant professor in Naval Architecture
Assistant professor in Mathematics spec. in Optimization and Systems Theory
Associate Professor in EE, Hybrid Semiconductor Process Technology
Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, Protection of Power Systems
Associate Professor in EE, Reliable Many-core Embedded Systems
Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, Reliability of Power Systems
Postdoc in Scalable Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
Postdoc in Acoustics: Sound quality in road vehicles and driving patterns
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental Nuclear Physics
Postdoc in Systems and Synthetic Biology of Host-Microbiome Interaction
Doctoral student in Biomolecular Physics
Doctoral students in superconducting single photon detectors
Postdoc in computational enzyme design
Research engineers to Robotics, Perception and Learning

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