60 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

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The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, 12 km. north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

PhD position in Immunology
Postdoc position in electrochemistry-based point of use system for mapping the interaction between plant root and microbiome
Postdoc (bioinformatician) in large and complex scale analyses of metagenomics and genomic data for redundancy, minority variants and phylogeny
Postdoc in Absolute Sustainability Assessment
PhD scholarship in Effects of the ionosphere on GNSS signals
PhD scholarship in the field of Higher Level of Condition-Based and Predictive Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Components via Machine Learning Techniques
Bioinformatician with software engineering skills
Software Engineer to world class R&D environment
Scientific Lead on Heterogeneous Life Science Data at the National Life Science Supercomputing Centre
PhD scholarship in Regional Oceanography

Two postdoc positions in Modelling of Metal additive Manufacturing
Postdoc in Molecular Mimicry between Viral and Cancer Epitopes
PhD scholarship in Marine Ecosystem Modelling
Professor in Applied Economics
Two postdoc positions within the field of 2D Materials
PhD Student to work on ASIM data
Postdoc in Design-based Stereology for Evaluation of Fish Fecundity
PhD scholarship in Biopolymer Composites
Postdoc in Thermal Engineering of Industrial Energy Systems
PhD scholarship in Sound Field Analysis and Acoustic Signal Processing

Postdoctoral Fellow in Yeast Metabolomics
Postdoctoral Fellow in Transport Proteins
Postdoc in Molecular Food Microbiology
PhD scholarship in Thermodynamic and Physical Properties as Basis for Digitalization of Glycol Processes
PhD scholarship in Intelligent maintenance of transmission systems with large share of AC cables
PhD scholarship in Coordination for Multi-Carrier Integrated Energy Systems
PhD scholarship in Microwave Antenna Technology
PhD scholarship in Unlocking the Flexibility of Multi-Energy System using Artificial Intelligence Approaches
PhD position in the field of respiratory proteases is available in the section for Protein Science & Signaling Biology
Student assistants for web development

PhD position on Intumescent Coatings
PhD position in the area of Process Modelling of CO2 Conditioning
Postdoc in Operational Representation Learning
PhD position in Antiferromagnetism in 2D from first principles
PhD scholarship in Computational Atomistic Studies of AC Quantum Transport in the THz Regime
PhD Scholarship in Fisheries Technology
PhD scholarship in In-situ Martensite Formation in Iron-Based Alloys
Cloud System Administrator
PhD scholarship in Shaping the Future of Nanophotonic Systems
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Vitamins and Food Processing
Postdoc in Electrical ROCKWOOL Cupola Ovens

PhD student to the Machine Learning for Smart Mobility group
Postdoc in Novel Bacterial Natural products
PhD Scholarship in High Customization Computed Tomography for in situ Imaging of Fluid-Solid Interaction
PhD positions
Postdoc in Fundamental Studies on Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Postdoc in Ultrahigh throughput exploration of protein aggregation and assembly sequence space
PhD scholarship in MR Imaging of Transcranial Ultrasound Waves
Postdoc in Organic Synthesis
PhD scholarship on Interfacing a Single Spin with a Mechanical Oscillator
Postdoc on Interfacing a Single Spin with a Mechanical Oscillator

PhD Scholarship in Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Dynamic Modelling Investigating Sustainability of Potential Mesopelagic Resource Exploitation
Postdoc position in Immunology
PhD scholarship to Develop a New Optical Microscope for Screening Organ-on-a-Chip Systems
Postdoc in Multimodal Optical Imaging for Colon Cancer Diagnosis
Director UNEP DTU Partnership
Postdoc in Asymmetric Metal Catalysis
PhD Scholarship in Bioinformatics
PhD position in Material Appearance Specification and Rendering using the BSSRDF
PhD position in Modelling and Predictive Rendering of Particulate Materials

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