88 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

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The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, 12 km. north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

Postdoc in X-ray optics for Astronomical Space Telescopes
PhD scholarship in Comparative genomics of actinomycetes
PhD scholarship in I4.0 Production Lines, Combining Industrial Sensorics with Multiphysics Modelling
PhD positions in the fields of mathematics, statistics or computer science
Senior Researcher in Sustainable Maritime Logistics
PhD scholarship in Non-Cooperative Vision-based Target Detection and Tracking
Technician for Audio-Visual Perception Research in VR
Computational Physicist for Fusion Research (temporary)
PhD project: Internal insulation of masonry – hygrothermal risks and possibilities
DTU Space is looking for a skilled test technician
Professor in Biobased Technologies and Sustainability
PhD scholarship in Computational Modelling of Auditory Evoked Potentials in the Hearing-Impaired System
Two postdoc positions within the field of 2D Materials
Postdoc within the area of Machine Learning and Signal Processing
PhD scholarship in Flexible thin film technology for electron detectors

Postdoc: Develop the future charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
Research Assistant in CHO Cell Culture & Molecular Biology
PhD scholarship in Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO and CO2 to Methanol for Energy Storage Purposes (re-advertisement)
Senior Researcher in Flexibility of Integrated Energy Systems with a focus on Applications
PhD scholarship in Rapid Deployment of Autonomous Systems
PhD scholarship in materials for heterogeneous catalysis
Postdoc in Time-Resolved Neutron Scattering on Magneto-Electric Materials
4 PhD scholarships in the areas of Biomass Conversion and Sustainable Bioprocesses
Postdoc in Fibre-based Quantum Key Distribution
Associate Professor in Statistical Machine Learning for Neuroimaging (part-time)
Postdoc in Investigation of recovery processes using core flooding experiments
Postdoc in chemical analysis of crude oil
Postdoc in Fundamental Studies on Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Wind Plant Systems Engineering
PhD scholarship in Characterization of Two-Phase Turbulent Flow

PhD scholarship in Mapping of CD8 T Cell Recognition to SARS-Cov-2 and the Role of T-Cell Cross-Recognition
PhD project: Petrophysical Modelling of Fluid Permeability in Tight Sedimentary Rocks
Scientific Software Engineer
PhD studentship positions for doing Fundamental Catalytic Activity Studies of Mass-Selected Nanoparticles
Scientific Floor Manager (3 months temporary position)
PhD project: Resilient cooling and ventilation for buildings and people
Postdoc in Software Engineering for Scientific Programming
Fermentation Engineer
Senior Researcher in Clinical Genome Scale Modelling
PhD scholarship in Dynamic Simulations of Fluid-Structure Interaction of Racing Sailboats
PhD project in Federated Machine Learning for Spectroscopy
Research Assistant in Chemical Biology
PhD scholarship in Hydrologic Remote Sensing
PhD Scholarship in Advanced Battery Management and Control
Postdoc in Ultrahigh throughput exploration of protein aggregation and assembly sequence space

PhD scholarship in MR Imaging of Transcranial Ultrasound Waves
PhD scholarship in Microfluidic Devices for Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) based Molecular Detection
Postdoc in Dynamic Modelling of an Electrically Heated Catalytic Steam Reforming Reactor
Postdoc in Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia
PhD student for modelling thermodynamic properties of complex mixtures
Postdoc in Organic Synthesis
PhD scholarship on Interfacing a Single Spin with a Mechanical Oscillator
Postdoc on Interfacing a Single Spin with a Mechanical Oscillator
Student worker with data scientist and Python skills
Student worker with C++ skills
PhD Scholarship in Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Dynamic Modelling Investigating Sustainability of Potential Mesopelagic Resource Exploitation
Postdoc in Multimodal Optical Imaging for Colon Cancer Diagnosis
Postdoc position in Immunology
PhD scholarship to Develop a New Optical Microscope for Screening Organ-on-a-Chip Systems
PhD scholarship in Diamond Sensing and Cell Biology

Senior Researcher in Intestinal Microbiology and Diet
Director UNEP DTU Partnership
Postdoc in Whole Genome Sequencing and Disinfectant Resistance for Improving Food Safety
forrigeSenior Researcher in Food Allergy
Postdoc in PVT modelling and compositional simulation
PhD scholarship in Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy of Nanoparticles for Catalysis
PhD scholarship in Electrocatalysis by Single Nanoparticles in Liquid Environments
PhD position in Applied Statistical Modelling of Stochastic Processes
Postdoc in Streptomyces Strain Design
Postdoc in Asymmetric Metal Catalysis
Postdoc in Environmental Sustainability Assessment in the Aviation Sector
Postdoctoral researcher for Clinical Omics Data Analysis
Postdoc to Explore Microbial Communities for the Fermentation of Novel FoodsPostdoc
PhD scholarship in Synthetic Biology for the Creation of Sustainable Microbial Foods of the Future
Postdoc to Explore the Genetic Diversity of Microorganisms Suitable for Microbial Food Production

PhD Scholarships in Plant Biophysics and Microscale Fluid-Structure Interactions
Postdoc for Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia
PhD Scholarship to Integrate Phase Change Materials with 3D Printing Sustainable Construction Materials
PhD scholarship: Critical Effects of Structural Variations in Metals on Nucleation of Recrystallization – A 4D Study
PhD scholarship in 4D Characterization of Multi-Layered Metals
Professor in Neurophysics and Neuroimaging (part-time)
PhD scholarship in Transport Network Modelling
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Molecular Food Microbiology
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Quantitative Food Microbiology
PhD project: Modeling of Electrolyte Systems using the Non-Primitive Approach
PhD Scholarship in Bioinformatics
PhD position in Material Appearance Specification and Rendering using the BSSRDF
PhD position in Modelling and Predictive Rendering of Particulate Materials

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