38 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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The University of Southern Denmark is a university in Denmark that has campuses located in Southern Denmark and on Zealand. The university offers a number of joint programmes in co-operation with the University of Flensburg and the University of Kiel.

Associate professorships within the area of accounting and/or auditing
Postdoc position in Economics
Experienced Funding Advisor
Postdocs for a new research focus at the Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark
PhD scholarship in artificial intelligence for demand-side load prediction and scheduling
Post doc in Business-to-Business marketing and sales
Clinical Professor in Ophthalmology (combined position)
Associate Professor in Psychology
READVERTISEMENT – PhD position in Sensor and Information fusion for Health monitoring
READVERTISEMENT – PhD position in Health Technolgy for the prediction and monitoring of decubitus ulcer

Assistant and Associate Professors in Statistics
Assistant and Associate Professorship positions in Data Science
PhD position in Digital Port Operations and Sustainable RoRo Shipping
PhD position in nanofluid enhanced heat transfer
PhD position in Soft Robotics
Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Experimental Quantum Plasmonics
Postdoc Position in Computational Proteomics and Deep Learning
Postdoc Position in Privacy-preserving Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
IoT workshop implementation student helper
Rapid Fabrication Facilities student helper
Clinical professor in Dermatology and Allergy (combined position)
Clinical professor in prevention and early intervention in colorectal cancer (combined position)

Professors in Exercise and Sports Psychology
Two postdocs in evidence-based medicine and clinical research methodology
Postdoc Position in Lattice Field Theory
Declaration of interest regarding PhD project in the field of neuroimaging
Associate professor in Health Economics
PhD Scholarship within Phosphorus Recovery from Sediments and Wastewater Sludge
Professor, Clinical Professor, Associate Professor or Clinical Associate Professor and Head of Research in Spine Medicine (combined position)
Professor in rehabilitation and palliative care with function as Head of Research
Experienced research support consultant (special consultant) at the University of Southern Denmark, focusing on European funding
Assistant Professor in Ecological System Analysis
Associate Professor in embedded systems and electronics in Odense
Associate Professor in International Politics
Assistant Professor in International Politics
Tenure-track Assistant Professorships in Finance

Tenure-track Assistant Professorships within the area of Accounting and/or Auditing
DIAS Assistant Professor in Political History and/or Digital History

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