61 Master, PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Jülich Research Centre, Germany

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Forschungszentrum Jülich is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and is one of the largest interdisciplinary research centres in Europe.

Master thesis: Development of a potential atlas for electrolysis sites
Thesis opportunity for a Master/Bachelor Student in the HOTZYMES Project
Master thesis: Synthesis and characterization of proton ceramic electrolytes
Master thesis: Effect of soil texture and soil water content in the isotopic compositon of pore water
Master thesis: Investigations on high temperature oxidation resistance of advanced materials
Student assistant (m/f/d)
Master thesis: Neural network modeling of refrigerant for heat pump process optimization
Master Thesis: Optimal Neural Network Models for Energy System Optimization
Master Thesis: Development of a segmentation method for particle detection on CMOS sensors in space applications
Master Thesis: Implementation of a CMOS-Imager simulation model for space applications

Master Thesis: Methods and Tools for Parallel Energy System Simulation
Master Thesis: Optimal Operation of Energy Systems under Uncertainty using Artificial Neural Networks
Master Thesis: Cryogenic CMOS device characterization
Master Thesis: Reservoir Computing using Coupled Oscillators
Internship, Bachelor or Master Thesis: Research and Development on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysis Cells (SOFC/SOEC)
Master Thesis: Underlying Geometry in Reservoir Computing
Master Thesis: Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques for Studying Large-scale Metabolic Models
Master Thesis: A comprehensive solution for big data handling in material research
4 Master Theses: Four-dimensional atomic resolution electron microscopy topics
Master thesis: Doping studies in group IV Si-GeSn alloys

Master theses: Skyrmions in anisotropic chiral magnets
Master theses: Topological Insulator
PhD Position in the field of heterogeneous catalysis
PhD Position – Investigation of Stability of Tuned Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces for the Electrocatalytic Applications
PhD Position – Solid-state electrochemistry / electro-catalysis: N2 and CO2 reduction in proton-ceramic membrane reactors
PhD position – Behaviour and control of inorganic trace species in residual biomass gasification
PhD position – Atmospheric Sciences: Development of a multiphase chemical box model for the analysis of chamber and field experiments
PhD Position – Multi-modal evaluation of neuronal integrity in the visual pathway after retinal degeneration
PhD position – Developement of NMR-based protocols for analysis of lithium metal batteries
PhD Positions – Energy Systems Modeling

PhD Position – Improvement of efficiency of electrical stimulation by pharmacological and electrical manipulation of oscillatory activity in the retina of the retinitis pigmentosa mouse model rd10
PhD / Postdoc Position in Fuel Cell Engineering
PhD / Postdoc Position in Electrochemical Engineering Using the Isopropanol / Acetone Couple
PhD position – Manufacturing and Characterization of Proton Exchange Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cells
PhD Position – Synthetic Quantum Matter Analysis with Tensor Networks
PhD Position – Development of Electrode Architectures and Novel Membrane Electrode Assembly Concepts for CO2 Electrolyzers
PhD Position – Robust Forecast of Technology Developments in the Context of Capacity Expansion Planning Using Data Mining Methods
PhD Position – Benchmarking of Energy System Models Based on Capacity Expansion Planning
PhD Position – Innovative highly integrated Digital-to-Analog Converters for Scalable Quantum computing
PhD position – The role of NOx in the formation of atmospheric organic aerosol

PhD Position – Conception, Design and Development of Modern Power System Simulation and Control Solutions
PhD Position – Computational investigation of ion channels and transporters
PhD position – Advances in understanding nitrate aerosol formation: Kinetics and missing mechanisms
PhD Position – Highly integrated read-out electronics for scalable Quantum computing
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of Multi-FPGA Simulation Methods for Real-time Verification of Power Electronics enabled Energy Systems
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of an Electricity and Gas Grid Simulation Platform for System Analysis using an HPC Infrastructure
PhD Position on “Simulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics”
Ph.D. position: Developing and applying unique DFT code for leadership applications on HPC architectures
Scientific Project Manager – European Research Infrastructures for Neuroscience (part-time)
Postdoc in the field of Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy

Postdocs for Energy Systems Modeling
Scientific Liaison Officer for EBRAINS
Associate (W2) Professorship in Big Data Analytics for Microscopic Images
Postdoc in the field of Ethics in the Neurosciences
Postdoc in “Model-Data-Fusion for Terrestrial Systems Modeling”
Junior Professorship (W1) for Transfer Learning for Microscopic Image Analysis
Postdoc in molecular biophysics / molecular neurosciences
Research Scientist for fabrication and characterization of superconducting hybrid quantum bits
Senior scientist with PhD – Energy System Engineering: Control Solutions
Associate (W2) Professorship in Big Data Analytics for Microscopic Images
Junior Professorship (W1) for Transfer Learning for Microscopic Image Analysis

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