38 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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At KTH you will have the opportunity of bringing life to your ideas and, at the same time, contributing to tomorrow’s society. Whatever position you have, you can take a lot of personal responsibility in a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship.

Doctoral student in system balancing models at nearly 100% renewable power
Postdoc in applied electrochemistry for selective hydrogen production
Postdoc in electrochemistry for water electrolysis with alkaline membranes
Postdoc in nuclear materials science
The Dahlquist Research Fellowship, researcher in Numerical Analysis
Postdoc in Glycoscience with focus on plant cell wall structure
Postdocs at the Brummer & Partners MathDataLab
Postdoc in Mathematical Statistics at MedTechLabs
Assoc.Prof. Engineering Education, higher education research & development
Doctoral student in Materials Science on Neutron Graduate School SwedNess
Postdoc in Quantum Condensed Matter Theory

Doctoral student in Computational Biomechanics in Neuronic Engineering
Doctoral Student Position in Electric Power and Energy Systems
Doctoral students in Neuronic engineering
Doctoral student in Information theory stochastic decision problems
Postdoc in Predictive modelling for Conversational AI
Postdoc in numerical simulations of multiphase flows in porous media
Ass. Prof. Chemical engineering, specialization in electrochemical systems
Two Associate Professors in Mathematics, specialization Numerical Analysis
Doctoral student in Visualization and Large Data Analysis
Two Associate Professors in Mathematics

Postdocs in Robotics, Computer Vision or Machine Learning
Research Assistant/Amanuensis in mission development for X-ray astrophysics
External Relations Officer at SciLifeLab
Postdoc in Experimental Particle Physics
Postdoc in Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning over Networks
Postdoc in IRIS project
Doctoral student in Quantum/Energy Materials & Neutron Scattering
Assist. Prof. History of Media and Environment, spec. AI/Autonomous Systems
Doctoral student in Computer Architecture
Postdoctor in Control of Biopharmaceutical Processes
Postdoc in Analytic Number Theory
Postdoc in Smart Edge Computing

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