113 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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ETH Zurich – Where the Future Begins! As one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences, ETH Zurich is well-known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for implementing its results directly into practice. 

Postdoctoral position in ‘closed-loop non-invasive brain stimulation, human electrophysiological signal processing, and human cognition’
PhD position in ‘closed-loop brain stimulation, human electrophysiological signal processing, and human cognition’
PhD position in Adaptive Building Strategies for Sustainable Earth-based Robotic Construction
Programming Student Assistant (appr. 20 hours per month): Python & Data Science
Student Assistant for Website, Social Media Management & Marketing Activities
Postdoc – 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality Creation of Natural Forest Environments
Postdoc – Forest management planning
PhD Position: Design of a Self-Lubricating Prosthesis
PhD Position: Boundary Lubrication of Fibrous Scaffolds
Junior Engineer in analog/digital electronic circuits design
Student Research Assistant (Economic Data Engineering Support)
PhD Position: Tribological Characteristics of Nanofibrous Electrospun Materials
PhD Position: Elucidation of Friction-Induced Failure Mechanisms in Fibrous Collagenous Tissues
Optical engineer in experimental quantum computing with trapped ions
Postdoctoral researcher in quantum cavity optomechanics
Student Editor
Doctoral position: Human Resource Management Practices and the Future of Work
Postdoctoral Researcher: “Numerical simulations of urban heat island mitigation measures”

Software Developer in Numerical Weather Prediction
Scientific Collaborator in Climate Scenarios
Postdoctoral researcher within the field of thin film technology for sensors
PhD position: Organic coupling reactions photocatalytically-driven by semiconductor nanocrystals
Internship in Macroeconomic Forecasting
Postdoctoral researcher in microscale heat control
PhD Position in Physical Geodesy
Postdoctoral Position (5 years) in the Consumer Behavior Group
Director of Science
PhD student positions in the history and philosophy of mathematics
Two doctoral students in ecosystem gas exchange of COS and CO2
Laboratory Technician/Manager: Laboratory for Food Immunology
PhD position: design and control of soft aerial robots
Two doctoral positions on “Microbial ecology in soil studied through microfluidic soil analogues”
Head of OPM Laboratory

Administrative Assistant of the Energy Efficient Circuits and IoT Systems Group
Scientific Programmer/Developer (Student) for GUI and deployment development for AI pipeline
Makerspace Internship
IT System and Cloud Engineer (m/w/d) – als Leiter*in der IT-Service-Group
PhD Position in Osteoarthritis Research
Quality & Regulatory Affairs Expert
PhD position in Online Communities
Technical Research Assistant
PhD position in Geo-Environmental Engineering on the topic ‘Mineral-organic matter interaction in soils/sediments: Influence on soil mechanical properties and pollution mitigation strategies’
Postdoctoral researcher on ultrafast dynamics of materials near phase transitions
PhD researcher “Material sourcing description for digitally enabled circular economy”
PhD researcher “Material development for earth based impact printed structures”
Post-Doc “Use of bio-based material for climate neutral buildings”
Scientific Assistant “Parametric LCA for sustainable construction and humanitarian action”
Project Manager and Team Leader
Ph.D position “Surrogate modelling for uncertainty quantification in offshore wind turbine design”
PhD position: Data-driven modeling of urban scale building integrated photovoltaic
Biomedical Application Developer
Postdoc Position: Single cell manipulation with the FluidFM technology
PhD Position in Machine Learning for GNSS data analysis

Postdoctoral Research Position Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 membrane proteins by solid-state NMR
Postdoctoral position on “Microbial behavior in soil”
Bioinformatics Analyst
PhD position in experimental geoscience
PhD Student – Precision Surgery enabled by Nanotechnology
Senior Researcher (“Oberassistent”) in Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Attosecond Science
Scientific Programmer Impact-based Nowcasting
Postdoctoral Researcher in Modeling, Identification and Control
PostDoctoral Research Position in Rapid Earthquake Characterization and Earthquake Early Warning
PhD position – Development of sensors for airborne pollutants
Research Technician in Genome Biology
PhD Researcher in User-Centred-Design and -Evaluation of Wearable Robotics for Neurorehabilitation
Doctoral student in Urban Planning and Urban Policy
PhD position on “Phenological monitoring to assess Environmental impacts on Swiss agriculture”
Post-doctoral position: conditions for effective and equitable forest-focused supply chain policies

2 Full-Time PhD Positions in Landscape and Urban Studies
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Checkout-free Retail Systems
Quality Assurance / Quality Control Specialist (f/m/d)
Full-Stack Developer Internship
PhD Position in Immersive Wave Experimentation for Realizing Metamaterials, Focusing Functions and Space-Time Transformations
PhD Student in Predictive Maintenance of Electric Power Equipment
Postdoctoral Researcher in Deep Learning for Machine Sound Processing
Bioinformatician – Next Generation Sequencing and Single Cell Applications
Scientific Programmer in High Performance Computing
PhD position in Environmental Chemistry on the topic ‘Elucidating biodegradation of polymeric films in agricultural soils’
4 doctoral positions in History and Theory of Architecture and the Territory
Postdoc in development and applications of CRISPR-based living microbial diagnostics
Lab Manager and Scientist
PhD Students in Computational Science
PhD position to perform research towards a microscopic understanding of magnetism in nano-sized metallic clusters

Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Officer, NCCR Automation
PhD Position: Mathematical Modelling of Organogenesis
Device Fabrication Engineer
Postdoctoral Research Scientists in Superconducting Quantum Computing
PhD Student Position in Superconducting Quantum Computing
Doctoral candidate – Innovative microalgae upstream processing concepts
PhD position in Fabrication-aware Generative Design
Postdoc position in Fabrication-aware Generative Design
PhD Student in Physics-Informed Deep Learning for Hybrid Digital Twins of Complex Industrial Systems
Doctoral fellowship in History and Theory of Architecture (2 positions)
PhD position in the Distributed Computing Group
PostDoc Position in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Doctoral Student in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry – Single-cell Analysis
Doctoral Student in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry – MICAP-MS
Postdoctoral position on “Modeling the biophysics of microbial communities”

Director of Swiss Education Lab
PhD Student CNT Strain Sensor
Internships at CSCS – the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
Behavioral Research on Innovation and Intellectual Property: Postdoc, PhD student, or Research Fellow
Fellowship in Empirical Intellectual Property/Internet Law Research
Ph.D. position in law (IP, privacy, legaltech, antitrust)
Postdoc on the Economics of Privacy, IT Security & Automated Decision-making
3 full-time PhD positions in the interdisciplinary Architecture & Technology PhD program

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