122 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Aarhus University, Denmark

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Aarhus University is the largest and second oldest research university in Denmark. The University is ranked among the top 100 world’s best universities, belongs to the Coimbra Group, the Guild, and Utrecht Network of European universities and is a member of the European University Association.

PhD project: Neuroimaging: Exploring vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia among subjects with acute stroke and transient ischemic attack
PhD project: Faecal microbiota transplantation for patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 and severe gastrointestinal neuropathy
PhD project: Use of fluorescence in thyroid operations 
PhD project: SMC-derived cells in human-like atherosclerosis: phenotypic spectrum and clonal structure
PhD study on Megafauna effects on vegetation dynamics in key rewilding areas
PhD Position: Activity studies and gene expression of bacterial cells under simulated atmospheric conditions  
PhD Position: From Source to Sink: Maximising Carbon Accumulation in Restored Peatlands  
PhD Position: Potential of city-related nature-based solutions for biodiversity and production in Denmark 
PhD Position: Effects of future global change on local to regional scale biodiversity  
PhD Position: Megaherbivores’ role in altering below-ground plant carbon allocation and long-term carbon storage in fire-driven ecosystems 
PhD Position: The role of rocks as nitrogen source for biological cycling in Arctic freshwaters  
PhD Position: New methods to increase the reactivity of calcined clays in calcined clay – limestone cements
PhD Position: Structure and properties of the alumina-silica gel formed in cement paste by enforced CO2 mineralization 
PhD Position: Microplastic in the air: Chemical analysis and atmospheric fate
PhD Position: Microplastic in the air: sources and atmospheric fate  

PhD Position: Programming language design, analysis and verification
PhD Position: Program Analysis and Testing
PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program Verification
PhD Position: Circuit Complexity and Pseudorandomness
PhD Position: Algorithmic Game Theory
PhD Position: Structural and functional studies of glucosylceramide transporters 
PhD Position: The genetics of longevity and aging: Candidate gene functional studies  
PhD Position: How do LPMO enzymes attack crystalline polysaccharide surfaces for the degradation of non-edible biomass? A solid-state NMR investigation
PhD Position: Carbonation Curing of Cementitious Systems (C3S): solid-state NMR studies of new cement binders 
PhD Position: Multifunctional RNA nanostructures for imaging and therapeutic intervention  
PhD Position: Calcium Metal Battery  
PhD study on quantum states in 2D material devices enabled by nanoscale photoemission
PhD Position: Non-thermal physics in disordered quantum systems  
PhD Position: Digital Soil Mapping of Danish Peat Soils
PhD Position: Relations between soil physico-chemical properties and microbial diversity – future extreme drought and inundation events 

PhD Position: Mapping soil, biodiversity, and production using historical and present agricultural practice
PhD Position: Nature-based Solutions for agriculture and landscapes with multiple SDG’s
PhD Position: Nature-based Solutions in landscapes with forests and trees in combination with biobased production for multiple SDG’s  
PhD Position: Costs and benefits of low dose toxicant exposures in interaction with environmental stress
PhD Position: Climate change and long-term shifts in phenology and community dynamics of Arctic plants and arthropods   
PhD Position: The role of phenotypic plasticity for plant community composition and ecological assessments in freshwater ecosystems under environmental change  
PhD Position: A new twist on electrochemical ammonia synthesis
PhD Position: Photocatalytic membrane for degradation of short-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
PhD Position: Exploring and developing novel architecture design approaches for natural ventilation in renovation of housing stocks in Denmark  
PhD Position: Privacy-by-design Computing for IoT data
PhD Position: Development of Data-driven Nonstationary Signal Representations
PhD Position: Shortening time to market for product design using simulation and traceability in a digital twin context  
PhD Position: Enhancing manufacturing using machine learning and simulation in a digital twin context  
PhD Position: Real-Time IoT Analytics at Edge  
PhD Position: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through stabilization of manure fibers as biochar  

PhD Position: Novel catalysts and electrolyte for renewable-energy powered synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and water  
PhD Position: Cost-efficient policies for carbon sequestration in EU
PhD Position: Microbial diversity and functionality on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet  
PhD Position: Physiological phenotyping of the interactions between stresses (heat x drought) in wheat from controlled environment to semi-field
PhD Position: Marie Curie programme: Early incubation temperature, embryonic development, welfare and final meat quality of broiler chickens
PhD Position: Plant-based diet and the consumption of microRNA’s
PhD Position: Marie Curie Programme: Multicomponent antibacterial plant cocktail for better health in piglets and broilers  
PhD Position: Statistical Genomics in Hybrid Crops 
PhD Position: Improvement of feed efficiency in cattle through genomics and phenomics  
European Innovative Training Network D-CODE: Design Anthropology for Sustainable Human-Machine Relations (ESR1)
Comparative studies on the rise of neo-nationalism in European higher education
Postdoc Position in Enzyme Discovery and Biocatalysis
Assistant professorship(s) in engineering management
Full professorship(s) in economics
Executive assistant for the Danish Cardiovascular Academy

Clinical Professor of translational renal medicine and transplantation
Three-year assistant professorship: Landscape organisation and the spatial dynamics of late prehistoric grazing regimes
Two postdoctoral positions in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion at the Department of Theology, Aarhus University
Postdoc in genomics of substance use disorders
Postdoc position at Danish Center for Particle Therapy
Assistant Professor of Receptor Biology in Neuroscience
Research Assistant in English Business and Corporate Communication
Postdoc in nanomedicine
Postdoctoral Position in Irish Literature and Culture, School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University
Professor in Integrated Pest Management
Professor in Environmental Crop Science
Professor in Perennial Cropping Systems
Professor in Environmental and Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
Professor in Crop Biotechnology and Breeding
Post doc position in sustainable production and crop physiology in field-grown vegetables at Aarhus University, Denmark

Assistant Professor of Computational Chemistry of Cellular Membranes at the Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University
Associate professor or tenure-track assistant professor in theoretical condensed matter/materials physics/surface science
Professor in Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
Three Postdoc positions at the Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination
Assistant professor/postdoctoral researcher in political science/sociology
Two Postdoc positions at the Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination
2-yr postdoc – Studying the effect of global change on plant-pollinator interactions with computer vision
Assistant Professor in Management (All fields / Tenure Track & Fixed Term Positions)
Associate professors in Management
Professorships in Business Economics
Post doc on Nature-based solutions for biodiversity restoration
Post doc on tracking ecosystem and biodiversity dynamics from space
Postdoc position in production and cryo-EM studies of receptor complexes involved in metabolic regulation in brain
Research Assistant for a 6 months position (MRI technics)
Postdoc in Surface Science studies of Electrocatalysts

PhD Special Call: PhD position in Behavioral Finance and FinTech
PhD Special Call: PhD position in social science genomics and epi-genomics
PhD Special Call: PhD student in Economics at FIND research Centre
PhD Special Call: Three year PhD position within ITN Marie Curie Project EATFISH: European Aquaculture Training for improving Seafood Husbandry
PhD Special Call: Two PhD positions – Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical study of Discrimination (CEPDISC), Department of Political Science
PhD Special Call: PhD for project “How and why immigration divides us”
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Postdoctoral position in structural studies of human lipid transporters at Aarhus University, Denmark
Postdoc in thermal and fluids engineering
Postdoc position in synapse biology, memory, and mental health
Postdoc in Neuropsychopharmacology of Cannabinoids
Postdoc: Multi-resolution model based Digital Twin architecture for metrology enhanced Wind Energy System reliability
Professor in applied Ecological Modelling
3-year postdoc position in political science/sociology
Position as Professor or Associate Professor at Center for Music in the Brain
3-year postdocs with focus on political parties and public opinion, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

Professor in Leadership and/or Organisation
Postdoc in Molecular physics
Postdoc for research in flow batteries
Aarhus University is seeking a head of department for the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences
Postdoc in electrochemically assisted microbial CO2 reduction
Tenure track researcher position in Applied Mammal Ecology
Post doc: Geospatial mapping of soil and land use – in time and space
Postdoc in Communications for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Two-Year Postdoctoral Position: From politics to post-politics, a study of young people’s engagement
Two Associate Professor/Tenure Track Assistant Professor positions in Mathematics
Post doc on models of land-use change from global to local scales
A three-year postdoc position to investigate structure and function relations of receptor-mediated signalling in plant-microbe interactions
Postdoctoral position in Structure of Plant Hormone Transporting Membrane Proteins at Aarhus University, Denmark
Two-year postdoc – Unravelling the drivers of nitrous oxide emissions from streams
Professorship in Management of animal welfare related production diseases in livestock herds
Postdoc in Journalism Studies with a focus on Civic Engagement
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: 2-yr postdoc on Genomics-based Population Demographic Histories for Megafauna

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