49 Fully Funded PhD Positions by Faculty of Science, Charles University, Czech Republic

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The STARS program provides fully funded PhD positions to ensure excellent education and an adequate income to PhD students of the Faculty of Science.

The STARS program aims to attract the best students from abroad, as well as from the Czech Republic.

The program has just recently opened 49 new calls in the following fields:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • geology
  • geography
  • environmental studies

Choose project from: Biology

Cardioprotective mechanism of cold acclimation in mice
Cell interactions and the development of new properties of structured yeast populations
Challenging the “Non-canonical” signaling potential of Notch ligand Jagged 1 in mammals
Characterization of a potentially novel lineage of anaerobic protists
Cooperative crosstalk and antigen transfer between mononuclear phagocytes and antigen-presenting ILC3 cells
Deciphering the direct WNT-NOTCH cross-talk in mammals
Development and function of non-classical subsets of innate lymphoid cells
Dynamics of epigenetic chromatin labelling in plant cells
Ecological and evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication in natural plant populations
Effect of cell membrane composition on amyloid β42 toxicity

Equilibrium dynamics of biological diversity
Evolution of sex determination systems in amniotes
Heterogeneity of tumors and cancer immunotherapy
Lankesterella – revealing a mysterious parasite
Mechanisms used by Aire-positive innate lymphoid cells to regulate T-cell responses to infection
Microbial Ecology of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance
Molecular mechanisms of MICAL signalling in cytoskeletal dynamics
Origin and long-term survival of Central European populations of larch (Larix decidua): combining phylogeography, paleoecology and modelling approaches
Single cell analysis in systems immunology – an application of novel unsupervised tools in infectious diseases and cancer
The importance of clouds for mid-elevation exchange of avian communities on Mt. Cameroon
The role of chloroplasts in stele of epiphytic roots
The study of the molecular mechanism of polyomavirus genomes sensing by IFI16 (human) or p204 (mice) and cGAS

Choose project from: Chemistry

Complexes of polytopic ligands with a predictable structure
Controlling encapsulation and release by charge regulation in macromolecules
Design and development of novel heterogeneous catalysts for fine chemistry applications
Development of REAP and Its Application in Synthesis of Ne-PAHs
Machine learning exploration of dynamical processes in encapsulated single atom catalysts
Multifunctional zeolite materials for processing of platform chemicals and their derivatives
Neural network potentials for reactive rare event simulation via data-driven collective variables.
Operando computational modelling of materials.
Structured architectures of boron doped diamond for neuroscience
Synthesis of zeolitic structures and their characterization by advanced electron diffraction methods
Targeted complexes of macrocyclic ligands
Theoretical Investigations of Light-induced Quantum Dynamics at Low-Dimensional Materials and Hybrid Systems

Choose project from: Geography

Family planning in the context of partnership and professional life trajectories
Geography of Food and Health: Social inequalities in the healthy food availability among elderly population
Impact of climate change and landscape alteration on the dynamics of hydrological extremes
Land Use Changes under Climate Change: Remote Sensing data in Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)
Remote sensing for vegetation change and health evaluation on multiple scales
Residential Segregation, Social Inclusion and Urban Policies
Unveiling the First Great Eurasian Ice Sheets

Choose project from: Geology

Biomarkers of gypsum and limestone endolithic colonisations (Exobiology terrestrial training for next Martian missions)
Environmental adaptation of the marine phytoplankton and its impact on the marine carbon pump
Experimental and numerical investigation of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of clay with focus to cyclic processes
Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics in porous media in relation to the pore size distribution
Thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical characterisation of the residual shear strength of an expansive clay

Choose project from: Enviromental studies

Local assessment of potential drivers of population declines in European farmland birds
Restored ecosystems as source or sink of CO2 and other greenhouse gases


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