54 Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), United States

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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is an American non-profit medical research organization based in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Research Technician II – De Camilli Lab
Investment Operations Analyst, Fund Services
Director of Data Science and Analytics
Employee Communications Specialist
Postdoctoral Associate – Farese & Walther Lab
Study Support Technician II
Research Technician – Lefkowitz Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Pedram Lab
Research Specialist – Pedram Lab
Research Technician – Pedram Lab
Research Specialist – Doudna Lab
Research Technician I – Patapoutian Lab
Research Technician I – Bhatia Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Tebo Lab

Laboratory Manager – Scanziani Lab
Laboratory Manager – Texas
Laboratory Manager – Boston Area
Research Technician – Pellman Lab
Laboratory Manager – San Francisco Bay Area
Administrative Coordinator – Boston Area
Research Technician I – Wisconsin
Postdoctoral Associate – Janelia Research Campus
Research Technician – Walsh Lab
Research Technician – Electron Microscopy, De Camilli Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Systems Neuroscience – Pachitariu Lab
Research Specialist – Meyer Lab
Research Technician I – Malik Lab
Director of Finance (Risk and Compliance)
Postdoctoral Associate – Chaperones and Diseases

Administrative Coordinator – Kaelin Lab
Research Technician I – Mougous Lab
Study Support Technician I – Aquatics
Laboratory Manager – Zamore Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Jiang Lab
Manager, Digital
Postdoctoral Associate – Lefkowitz Lab
Administrative Coordinator – Science Operations Office
Postdoctoral Associate – Saalfeld Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Spradling Lab
Research Technician – Dreyfuss Lab
CryoEM Staff Scientist
Research Technician – Bell Lab
Scientific Computing Software Engineer
Postdoctoral Associate – Parkinson’s Disease

Postdoctoral Associate – Tebo Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Parasitology/Immunology
Postdoctoral Associate – Stringer Lab
Research Technician – Fly Optogenetics, Behavior and Anatomy
Postdoctoral Associate – Tzumin Lee Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Dernburg Lab
Postdoctoral Associate – Gonen Lab – Biochemistry
Research Technician – Zallen Lab (Drosophila)
Research Technician
Investment Associate

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