67 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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At KTH you will have the opportunity of bringing life to your ideas and, at the same time, contributing to tomorrow’s society. Whatever position you have, you can take a lot of personal responsibility in a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship.

Postdoc, modeling hydrological systems under changing climate and land use
Postdoc in discovery & engineering of heat-stable biomass-degrading enzymes
Internationell handläggare till ett föräldravikariat
Doctoral student in systems biology of liver diseases
Doctoral student in Nanostructured composites based on latex nanoparticles
Doktorand inom Social robotik
Doktorand (licentiat) inom brottmoder och brottförlopp hos betongdammar
Doctoral student in Electroanalytical Wearable Devices
Doctoral student in Energy Technology

Doctoral student in machine learning in nuclear engineering
Postdoc for the Center for X-Rays in Swedish Material Science
Doctoral student in biooil and biochemicals from biomass pyrolysis
Doctoral student in Biomethane from biomass catalytic pyrolysis
Ekonomiadministratör till KTH
Forskarutbildningsadministratör till KTH
Assist. Prof. History of Media and Environment, spec. AI/Autonomous Systems
Adjunkt i matematik
Postdoc in Smart Edge Computing
Postdoc in free boundary problems
Doctoral student (lic) in Low-temp. Heating and High-temp. Cooling storage

Projektekonom till KTH, EECS
Projektekonom till KTH, EECS, vikariat
KTH Leancentrum söker en driven expert inom Lean och verksamhetsutveckling
Doctoral student in Polymer Technology
Doctoral student in machine learning for cyber security
Doktorander inom cyberförsvar med inriktning på överbelastningsattacker
Doctoral student in machine design -wave energy conversion
Doktorand (lic) inom studier i hållbar mobilitet ur ett marknadsperspektiv
Doctoral student in microbial systems biology
Doctoral student (licentiate) in Planning and decision analysis
KTH söker nu en systemförvaltare

Doctoral student in hydrogen embrittlement of steel
Doctoral student in Polymer Technology
Doctoral student in dependable autonomous systems
Doktorand inom vätgasbaserade energisystem
Doctoral student in Energy export from supermarkets
Laboratorietekniker/biomedicinsk analytiker (2 st) inom precisionsmedicin
Doctoral student in responsive polymer gels for recyclable materials
Doctoral student in Space Electronics
Doctoral student in Silicon Photonics
Doctoral students in next generation super resolution microscopy

Doctoral student in applied and computational mathematics
Doctoral student in Sound computing
Doctoral student in automatic control with focus on machine learning
Doctoral student in Quantum/Energy Materials & Neutron Scattering
Postdoctor in Control of Biopharmaceutical Processes
Doctoral student in in Bio-inspired Mineralization Towards Energy Saving
Doctoral student in Space Physics
Doctoral student in Micromachined reconfigurable subterahertz antennas
Doctoral student in Micromachined Microwave/THz Communication Systems
Doctoral students in simulations and experiments with complex fluids
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Doctoral student in Polymer Chemistry
Doctoral student in Deep Learning for Conversational AI
Doctoral student in Artificial intelligence and Music
Postdoc in Underwater Robotics, Perception and Planning
Doctoral student in Wireless Communications Empowered by Intell. Surfaces
Doctoral student in Intelligent Power Systems
Assistant professor in Computer Science Spec. in High-Performance Computing
Associate Professor, Computer Science Spec. in Foundations of Data Science
Lecturer in Computer systems
Professor in Wireless Communication
Associate Professor, Computer Science, specialisation in Computer Systems
Doctoral students in mathematics

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