50 PhD, Postdoctoral Positions at German Electron Synchrotron (DESY), Berlin, Germany

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The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (English German Electron Synchrotron) commonly referred to by the abbreviation DESY, is a national research center in Germany that operates particle accelerators used to investigate the structure of matter.

Software Engineer for PETRA IV Control System: High-Level-Controls
Scientist at Photoemission Beamline P22
Physicists or Engineer as Scientist for Accelerator Physics
Leitung (w/m/d) für das Fortbildungsteam in Teilzeit (30 Std./Woche)
Computer Scientist or Electronics Engineer working as a Hardware Developer at the MicroTCA Technology Lab
Postdoc for development of quantum computer simulation applications
PhD position for variational quantum computer simulations
Studentische Hilfskraft (w/m/d) im Content Management
Postdoc for the Photo Injector Test Facility PITZ in Zeuthen
Elektronikerin als Ausbilderin (w/m/d) für die Elektronikausbildung
Wissenschaftsmanagerin (w/m/d)
Controllerin, Betriebs- oder Verwaltungswirtin (w/m/d)

Scientific Software Developer – Laser and Accelerator Controls
Postdoc in data reduction and machine learning
Biologisch Technische Assistenz (w/m/d)
PhD student – Integrated Femtosecond Lasers
Physikerin oder Ingenieurin FR Maschinenbau, Anlagentechnik oder Kryogenik als Prozessingenieurin in der Kryogenik (w/m/d)
Postdoctoral Associate – Integrated Femtosecond Lasers
Laser Scientist
Research Associate in Quantum Computing for Particle Physics
Postdoc – Data Science
Postdoctoral Researcher for the PETRA IV Beamline Technical Designs
Scientist scientific computing
The Director of Research for Particle Physics

Bauingenieurin (w/m/d) als Projektleitung für wissenschaftliche Bauvorhaben
Scientist – Powder Diffraction at beamline P02.1 & P25
Engineer for PETRA Instrumentation & P25
Postdoc in FEL Physics / X-ray 0ptics
Bauingenieurin als Projektleiterin (w/m/d) für wissenschaftliche Bauvorhaben
Fachgruppenleiterin (w/m/d) Facilitymanagement
PhD student in experimental particle physics
3 Ph.D. students for the ATLAS Group
Postdoc in gamma-ray astronomy
Postdoc at Beamline P09
PhD Student in Quantum Computing for Particle Physics
PhD student position in Machine Learning for Particle Physics

2 Postdocs for the Development of CMOS Pixel Detectors for Particle Physics
DESY-Fellowships Photon Science
PhD student – Belle II
Auszubildende als Elektronikerin (w/m/d) für Geräte und Systeme
Electrical engineer or physicist in longitudinal beam diagnostics for accelerators
Postdoc as Accelerator Physicist
Ph.D. Position – Silicon Detector Development in Particle Physics
Scientist for optical synchronization
Ingenieurin Fachrichtung Versorgungstechnik (w/m/d) für raumlufttechnische-, Kälte- und Wärmeversorgungsanlagen
System Engineer for the PETRA IV Timing System
Engineering and technique
Postdoc Detector Development & Construction for the ATLAS Phase-II Upgrade
Projektingenieurin (w/m/d) für Gebäudetechnologie und Versorgungstechnik
Ingenieurin (w/m/d) für Elektrotechnik und Energietechnik

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