116 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

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Delft University of Technology also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university, located in Delft, Netherlands. As of 2019, it is ranked in the top 20 of best universities for engineering and technology worldwide and is the highest ranked university in the Netherlands

PhD Position Dynamic Semantics Specification
PhD postion in Cybersecurity
Single-cell dynamics in intestinal organoids (PhD or postdoc)
Ubiquitin-mediated protein processing, studied using optical tweezers and single-molecule fluorescence (PhD or postdoc)
Electrochemical System Design Engineer
PhD Position Modelling, Analysis and Control of Complex Ecological Systems
PhD Position on Learning and Control for Networked CPS
Beleidsmedewerker diversiteit en inclusie
Development and application of new luminescent anti-reflection greenhouse coatings
PDEng Trainee Designer Bioprocess Engineering
PDEng Traineeship Chemical Product Design
PDEng Traineeship Process and Equipment
PhD Machine Learning for Control of Power Systems
PhD position AI intelligence methods for automatic recognition of architectural data
PhD Position Bayesian Finite Element Simulations for Material Modeling

PhD Position Bayesian Learning Frameworks for Multiscale Mechanical Simulations
PhD Position Bayesian Machine Learning for Multiscale Modeling of 3D-printed Materials
PhD Position Emergent Behavior and Responsibility in Mixed-traffic Interactions
PhD Position Hybrid AI for Human Behavior Prediction
PhD position in AI: Hyper-heuristic Optimization for Fair Public Policy Design
PhD position in tensor-based machine learning for epileptic seizure prediction
PhD Position Learning and Control for Probabilistic Multi-Agent Systems
PhD position on fast Bayesian sampling methods for applications in physics
PhD Position Robustness and Control of Machine Learning Models
PhD Position System-Theoretic AI for Energy Systems
PhD Positions in AI for the Built Environment
PhD Positions in Human-AI Collaboration for Design at Scale (D@S)
Teamleider HOR-TD
Veiligheidsexpert nucleaire reactor
PhD in Biophysics

PhD Position ESR 7: Effect of polymer coating chemical topology on ice formation and adhesion
PhD position in Quantum Networks
PhD position on wind turbine aeroelasticity
PhD position: scale-up of CO2 electrochemical conversion processes
PhD-position “Combined modeling and operando characterization of inhomogeneous battery processes”
Postdoc Machine Learning for Autonomous Drone Navigation
Postdoc Smart structures design with machine learning
Software Engineer for Quantum Communication Systems: application development
Software Engineer for Quantum Communication Systems: high performance data processing
Technical Manager Fermentation Research infrastructure
PhD Position Private and Secure Robot Coordination
Improving the societal acceptance of hydrogen energy storage by applying a field lab approach
Business Controllers voor de faculteiten TU Delft
Assistant Professor Quantum Nanoscience
Data Steward HPC & Training

PhD: Aerodynamic and aeroelastic design and analysis of a new concept of Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (2 PhD positions)
Postdoctoral researcher on electrochemical CO2 reduction to ethylene and ethanol
PhD position Lift control for hydrofoil craft – PIV of lift actuators
Post-Doc Architectural Facades & Products
Postdoc Interactive Robot Learning
2 PhD positions on fuzzy-logic-based stochastic optimization
Access to Healthcare for All through Circular Design
Assistant Professor in Economics and Management of Technology and Innovation (with a focus on education)
Ph.D. Position in AI/ML-based Mobile Cognitive Context Sensing Systems
PhD position Digital twin and smart plant scheduling
PhD position Digital twin for large-scale fermentation
PhD Position Environmental Hydro(geo)logy in the Dutch Caribbean
PhD position in Superconducting Qubit Research
PhD position: Machine Learning for genome-phenotype engineering
PhD position: Machine Learning for iterative metabolic engineering

PhD position: Reinforcement learning for self-driving lab concepts
PhD Trust Identity and Consent Management
Postdoc position in Superconducting Qubit Research
Manager event solutions
Medior datawarehouse-developer
PhD on Computational Urban Science and Policy
Senior bedrijfsjurist
Senior datawarehouse-developer
PhD: Stall-induced vibration and vortex-induced vibration of large-scale wind turbines
Postdoc Arsenic-Iron Interactions Towards Removal from Groundwater for Drinking
Postdoc (3 years) on Electrochemical Engineering of Flow Battery Technologies
Postdoc (3 years) on in-situ Mass Transport Analysis in Electrochemical Flow Systems

Universitair docent veiligheid in de zorg
Junior onderwijsmedewerker(s) Hydraulic Engineering
Programme Coordinator Artificial Intelligence
Systeembeheerder Windows/VMware
PostDoc position (1 year) for optical diffraction tomography for tumor histology
Biotechnician for the Biointerfaces Laboratory
PhD position Criticality and self-organization of evolutionary game
Postdoc Topological Atlas: Mapping contemporary borderscapes
Support- en communicatiemedewerker 4TU-CEE en LDE-CEL
Afdelingshoofd Systems
Postdoctoral Position in AI/ML-based Optimization of Wireless Networks
DCC Team coordinator
Junior onderzoeker ‘groene kademuren’
PhD Position in AI/ML-based Optimization of Wireless Networks

Promovendus/PhD onderzoeker: Threat intelligence versus statelijke actoren
Assistant Professor GIS Technology
Functioneel beheerder HR-systemen
PhD‘Physics of Collective Metastasis’
Postdoc (Experienced Researcher) Motion Comfort Automated Driving
Postdoc Reliability of Timber Pile Foundations
Postdoc Seismic Risk Governance
Postdoc The physics of cell division studied through synthetic cells
Assistant Professor, Artificial Intelligence for Space Structures
Electronic Designer: member of the technical team in Electrical Sustainable Power Laboratory
Junior verhalenmaker / Communicatiemedewerker faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde & Informatica

PhD (2 positions) in Optimisation and Reinforcement Learning with Epistemic Uncertainty
PhD Advanced radiation pressure and aerodynamic modelling for geodetic satellites
PhD Position Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Based on Remote Sensing Data
PhD Position in the field of dynamic wind farm control
PhD Positions Signal Analysis and Machine Learning for Multi-modal Molecular Imaging
PhD positions: securing Internet-enabled consumer devices
PhD postion: Understanding human behaviour in the security of the Internet of Things
PhD-kandidaat: Menselijk gedrag rondom de veiligheid van slimme apparaten
Postdoc Signal Analysis and Machine Learning for Multi-modal Molecular Imaging
Postdoc Stable gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) for CO2 electrochemical reduction
Postdoc: Biomimetic, on-demand drug delivery systems
Specialist Brandveiligheid
Research Assistant Co-Lab research group

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