47 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Utrecht University, Netherlands

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Utrecht University is a university in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Established 26 March 1636, it is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands. In 2016, it had an enrolment of 29,425 students, and employed 5,568 faculty and staff. In 2011, 485 PhD degrees were awarded and 7,773 scientific articles were published.

Lecturer in English Literature at Utrecht University (0.7 FTE)Do you have the ability to develop and use student-centred, activating teaching strategies in both online and offline settings?
Lecturers in English Language & Linguistics at Utrecht University (0.7 FTE)The Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication is seeking to appoint four Lecturers in English Language & Linguistics.
PhD candidate Just Futuring: an empirical and conceptual analysis of the system and practice of planning inclusive cities (1.0 FTE)Work on a project, aimed at analysing how (local) governments deal with notions of justice and inclusiveness in their exercises of ‘futuring’.
Assistant Professor Development and Education of Youth in Diverse Societies (0.8-1.0 FTE)Can you initiate, develop, and carry out high quality research independently?
Assistant Professor Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences (0.8 FTE), Dutch requiredCome and join the Department Clinical Child and Family Studies, chair Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences!
Postdoc position on ‘Transition towards circular agriculture’ (1.0 FTE)Join our interdisciplinary research project ‘Towards a data-driven dashboard to support a socially-just transition to circular agriculture’!
Two PhD candidates: Health effects of micro- and nanoplastics (1.0 FTE)We are looking for two enthusiastic candidates – sciences, or toxicology and sciences, epidemiology.
Chair (Full Professor) Long-run development of Global Wellbeing (1.0 FTE)Come and join our section of Economic and Social History (ESH) of the Department of History and Art History!
Teacher Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) (1.0 FTE)Help develop a teaching programme in Computational Biology for Bachelor’s students in Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS)
PhD ‘Migration, seasonal labour and (r)urban arrival infrastructures in the Netherlands and Belgium’ (1.0 FTE)Develop your own PhD project within the framework of the H2020 project!
PhD position Uptake Strategies for Dutch Caribbean coral reef research (1.0 FTE)Are you ready to work within the SEALINK programme on Dutch Caribbean coral reef research?
Postdoc Researcher Cell Biology, Metabolism and Cancer (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)Join our team and help us identify and target cancer-specific metabolic events.

Postdoc position: metabolomics to study the internal Exposome (1.0 FTE)We are looking for an ambitious Postdoc with experience in (computational) epidemiology, (medical) statistics, or a related discipline.
Postdoctoral fellowship on causal inference in big-data health research (1.0 FTE)We are looking for a candidate who has experience with statistics, computational epidemiology and machine learning (with a mathematical background).
Three PhD positions in visualization and visual analytics (1.0 FTE)Three PhD positions in visual quality metrics, network visualization, and visualization for decision making.
Three PhD Positions in Climate Change Politics; Environmental Governance (1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor in Ethics (1.0 FTE)
Postdoctoral Researcher ‘Evaluating the effect of experiences with the police on legitimacy and crime’ (1.0 FTE)Are you our new Researcher with strong quantitative analytical skills?
Tenure track Academic Teacher evolutionary biology (1.0 FTE)We are looking for an academic Teacher in evolutionary biology for the Bachelor’s programmes Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and University College Utrecht.
PhD position in organ-on-chip research/disease modelling (1.0 FTE)Join our team to develop an integrated skin-gut-immune-axis-on-a-chip system to predict immunogenic and allergenic properties of (novel) foods (proteins).
Postdoc position in cellular immunology and allergy (1.0 FTE)Join our team and work on the development of innovative approaches to overcome food allergies.
Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology, (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)

Assistant Professor Experimental Psychology (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Psychology with a clinical orientation (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Social, Health and Organizational Psychology (0.8 – 1.0 FTE)
PhD candidate/promovendus theoretical philosophy (1.0 FTE)Come and join the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies!
Postdoctoral Researcher in solid-state NMR spectroscopy at the uNMR-NL facility (1.0 FTE)Be involved in cutting-edge solid-state NMR research in life and material science at the new 1.2 GHz NMR system at the Utrecht NMR Spectroscopy group.
Two PhD positions for the project ‘Global water quality and Water use under present and future droughts and heatwaves’ (1.0 FTE)
Faculty position in emergency and intensive care (1.0 FTE)Are you interested in working in and contributing to the many aspects of an academic veterinary environment?
PhD position in Chemical Biology/Proteomics (1.0 FTE)Develop chemical biology and proteomics techniques to study the role of protein lipidation in neurological disorders.
Two PhD positions in Metabolomics (1.0 FTE)Contribute to the discovery of new therapies by unravelling metabolic mechanisms in the immune system or cancer.
PhD position on ‘Sediment deposition on continental slopes from combined bottom currents and sediment gravity flows" (1,0 fte)Do you want to develop the first scaled laboratory experiments and simulate combined sediment gravity flow and sediment transport for the first time?
PhD position in Climate Science (1.0 FTE)Come play your part in Climate Science to study organic compounds in ice cores with TD-PTR-MS.

Postdoc position in mass spectrometry and proteomics (1.0 FTE)Join our team and work on the development of novel technologies to increase depth of proteome and PTM analysis in a cross-omics environment.
Tenure track Assistant Professor position in Molecular Microbiology (1.0 FTE)Do you want to start a research line on fungal biology and teach microbiology at the bachelor and master levels in an international and supportive environment?
Tenure track Assistant Professor position in Plant Science (1.0 FTE)Start a position in Plant Science with world-class facilities to unravel how plants perform in dynamic environments.
Tenure track Assistant Professor position in Theoretical Biology (1.0 FTE)Develop a research line in modelling biological systems, anywhere from mathematical models to agent-based simulations, and teach theoretical biology.
Two tenure track Assistant Professor positions in Developmental Biology (1.0 FTE)Apply now to establish a research group that applies a molecular or systems biology approach to study important questions in developmental biology.
Two PhD positions in the Department of Biology (each 1.0 FTE)Advance our understanding of controlling fertility in salmon with approaches allowing to improve the sustainability of salmon aquaculture.
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Data Science and Health (1.0 FTE)Do you have a strong background in data science and computational methods, including programming skills and working with big data?
PhD position in experimental fluid-rock interaction (1.0 FTE)The Department of Earth Sciences is now looking for a highly motivated, high-potential candidate to fill a PhD position in experimental fluid-rock interaction.
Three Assistant Professors in Earth Sciences (0.8 – 1.0 FTE, tenure track)Do you have an eye for public outreach and are you willing to contribute to media appearances and popular scientific articles?

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