90 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Lund University, Sweden

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Lund University is a prestigious university in Sweden and one of northern Europe’s oldest universities. Lund University is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

Post-doctoral position in Biomedical Engineering with focus on single cell nanofluidics and mass spectrometry (PA2020/4296)
Postdoctoral fellow in biophysics (PA2020/4331)
Researcher in Biogeosciences (PA2021/411)
Temporary Scientist CoSAXS, 10 months, 40% (PA2021/425)
Doctoral student in mathematical statistics (PA2020/3723)
At least two doctoral studentships in Sociology (PA2020/4081)
RF Engineer (PA2020/4225)
Postdoc for combined spectroscopy experiments at Balder (PA2020/4239)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2020/4281)
Doctoral student in pure and applied Biochemistry with focus on neutron scattering (PA2020/4273)
2 PhD Students in Service Studies, spec Management, organization, and work (PA2021/33)
Doctoral students in Psychology (PA2021/30)
At least one doctoral student in Gender Studies (PA2021/99)
Researcher in linear accelerator temporal diagnostics and synchronization (PA2021/210)
Doctoral studentship in Media and Communication spec. in Strategic Communication (PA2021/202)
Post-doctoral position in Additive Manufacturing (PA2021/270)
Doctoral student in Historical Archaeology (PA2021/150)
Doctoral student in Practical Philosophy (PA2021/153)
Doctoral student in Cognitive Science (PA2021/152)
Doctoral student in Human Rights Studies (PA2021/155)
Doctoral student in Theoretical Philosophy (PA2021/154)
Three doctoral students at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies (PA2021/151)
Doctoral student in Ethnology (PA2021/157)
Doctoral student in Art History and Visual Studies (PA2021/158)
Doctoral student in History of Ideas and Sciences (PA2021/159)
Three doctoral students in General Linguistics, English Language and Linguistics, Phonetics or Scandinavian Languages (PA2021/160)
Doctoral student in Literary Studies (PA2021/163)
Doctoral student in language processing, in General Linguistics, English Language and Linguistics, Phonetics, or Scandinavian Languages (PA2021/161)
Doctoral student in English Literature (PA2021/162)
Doctoral student in Rhetoric (PA2021/156)
Doctoral student in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, within the National Graduate school of History (PA2021/168)
Doctoral student in The Cultural History of Eastern and Central Europe (PA2021/166)
Doctoral student in Literary Studies with special focus on Children’s Literature (PA2021/164)
Two doctoral students in Latin, Semitic Languages, Slavic Languages (specifically Russian Literature) or Hispanic Literatures (PA2021/165)
Three doctoral students in Educational Sciences, with a focus on Educational History, on Practise-based School Research or on Professional Education (PA2021/169)
Two doctoral students in History, within the National Graduate school in History (PA2021/167)
Postdoctoral fellow in Experimental cardiovascular research (PA2021/242)
Student research assistants in Clinical memory research (PA2021/321)
Project assistant in Biotechnology (PA2021/357)
Doctoral student in Physics focusing on development and application of laser based measurement techniques for studies in hydrogen fuelled engines (PA2021/257)
Postdoctoral fellow in insect chemical ecology (PA2020/3151)
Post-doctoral position in Machine Learning (PA2020/3117)
Researcher in plant molecular biology and biochemistry (PA2021/238)
Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering with focus on Photoacoustic Imaging (PA2021/218)
Post-doctoral position in Industrial Electrical Engineering (PA2021/312)
Post-doctoral position in circuit design (PA2021/349)
Associate Researcher in Cancer and Matrix Remodelling (PA2021/385)
Researcher in Engineering Geology (PA2021/507)
Researcher in Combustion Physics (PA2021/81)
Post doctoral fellow in Experimental Nuclear Physics (PA2021/31)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/211)
Research assistant in bioinformatics (PA2021/478)
Doctoral student in Psychology (PA2021/179)
Postdoc HIPPIE beamline (PA2021/369)
Postdoc position in Automatic Control with focus on Robotics (PA2020/4262)
Doctoral student in Physics with focus on laser driven particle acceleration (PA2021/283)
Doctoral student in Business Administration (PA2021/207)
Researcher in biotechnology with focus on synthetic biology (PA2021/323)
Post-doctoral position in Chemical Engineering (PA2021/360)
International Marketing Manager (PA2021/413)
Post-doctoral fellow in chemical physics (PA2021/424)
Project assistant: Quantitative environmental policy research on plastics (PA2021/514)
Doctoral student in physical chemistry (PA2021/370)
Postdoctoral position on the Governance of Low-Carbon Investments (PA2021/262)
PhD position in Political Science, Topic: Forest policies in Fennoscandia (PA2021/400)
Lecturer in Aeronautical sciences (PA2021/553)
Research engineer in physical chemistry (PA2021/471)
Software developer at INES/ICOS Carbon Portal (PA2021/494)
Doctoral students in Human Rights Law, specializing in Migration Law (PA2021/253)
Two doctoral student positions for a doctor of laws degree (PA2021/264)
Doctoral student position in public law, specialising in migration law (PA2021/260)
PhD position in Physics: Synchrotron X-ray based studies of materials and processes in the metals and production industry (PA2021/434)
Doctoral student in Geotechnical Engineering (PA2021/522)
Doctoral student in chemical physics (PA2021/408)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with focus on Cloud-Based Language Tooling (PA2021/335)
Researcher in Clouds, Climate and AI (PA2021/441)
Senior Lecturer in English Literature (PA2020/3998)
Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics (PA2020/3997)
Professor of Political Science specialising in comparative politics (PA2021/248)
Associate senior lecturer in law and AI (PA2021/267)
Associate senior lecturer in law and sustainability (PA2021/268)
Doctoral student in geology (ice core research) (PA2021/302)
Doctoral student in organic chemistry with emphasis on advanced catalysis (PA2021/461)
Professor of Violin (PA2020/3229)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/432)
Doctoral student in paleoclimate and climate modelling (PA2021/563)
Eight EU-COFUND postdoctoral fellows within cancer research (PA2021/196)
Professor of English Language and Linguistics (PA2020/3251)
Post-doctoral fellow in cartographic visualization and machine learning (PA2021/390)
Doctoral student in statistics (PA2021/521)

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