63 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at The University of Groningen, Netherlands

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The University of Groningen is a public research university in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1614. Since its founding more than 200,000 students have graduated.

15 PhD positions in Translational Vision Science
PhD position on spectral aspects of magnetic fields via sub-Riemannian geometry
PhD position in Machine Learning in the Space of Dynamical models
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Experimental Nanophysics (1.0 FTE)
Universitair Docent Goederenrecht (0,8 fte)
Bijzonder hoogleraar Recht en Religie (0,2 fte)
Scientific Programmer Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences
PhD position Gendered Complicity as Motivated Ignorance (1.0 FTE)
Bijzonder hoogleraar Legal Aspects of Corporate Transactions (0,2 fte)
Lecturer in minority and diversity studies (0.6 FTE)
PhD position ERC project: using data science to analyse legal big data (1.0 FTE)
PhD ERC project: The International Right to Housing and National Legal Discourse
Postdoc ERC project: The International Right to Housing and Data Science
Programmamanager University of Groningen Business School (0,5 fte)
Informatie- en dataspecialist economie/bedrijfskunde/ruimtelijke wetenschappen
Information and data specialist in economics and business/spatial sciences
Beleidsmedewerker Institutional Research O&O (0,8-1,0 fte)
Policy Officer Institutional Research Education and Research (0.8-1.0 FTE)
Secretariaatsmedewerker Onderwijsinstituut Letteren (2,1 fte)
Junior onderzoeker ‘Vertel Het!’ (0,4 fte)
Full Professor in Strategy and Digital Transformation (1.0 FTE)
Studentenpsycholoog (1,0 fte)
Universitair Docent Sociologie (2,0 fte)
Communication Officer (0.8 FTE)
Medewerker secretariaat bij de afdeling HR (0,6 fte)
PhD High Temperature Electrocatalytic Engineering for Energy Conversion&Storage
ICT-beheerder (1,0 fte)
Assistant Professor Political Science (1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Social Psychology (0.8 FTE)
Jurist Privaatrecht ABJZ (1,0 fte)
R. Franklin Fellowship in Human Movement Sciences (Active and Healthy Lifestyle)
Assistant Professor in Journalism Studies (1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor Media, Politics and Democracy (1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor in Media Studies (1.0 FTE)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor HRM and Organizational Behavior (1.0 FTE)
Promovendi empirisch-juridisch onderzoek (GGSL) (2,0 fte)
Postdoc in arithmetic geometry (1.0 FTE)
Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology (0.8 FTE)
Assistant Professor Latin Language and Literature (0.7 FTE)
Assistant Professor Climate Adaptation Governance (0.8 FTE)
Assistant Professor Sustainable Tourism (0.8 FTE)
PhD position Natural Language Processing/Machine Translation (1.0 FTE)
PhD positions in Biomolecular Sciences (5.0 FTE)
Post-doc in EU External Relations Law and Common Foreign and Security Policy
Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Computational Mathematics
Assistant Professors in European Law (2.0 FTE)
Teachers for Computing Science programme (3.2-4.0 FTE)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Human-Computer Collaboration (1.0 FTE)

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